Dr Oz Foam Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Removal, Tripollar Cellulite Lipo

Foam Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Removal Without Surgery – Non Surgical Lip and Tripollar Cellulite Treatment

Today Dr. Oz did a segment about some of the concerns that women have about their legs.  One of the overwhelming complaints that Dr. Oz hears on a consistent basis are about spider veins.  Dr. Oz talked personally to women who feel that they have “ugly” legs who feel ashamed about the appearance of spider veins and cellulite.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks with physicians about how Foam Sclerotherapy can remove spider veins without surgery, the Tripollar Cellulite Treatment, and non-surgical liposuction procedure.

Foam Sclerotherapy Reduces  Spider Veins With No Surgery Needed

Dr OZ, foam sclerotherapy, spider vein removal

Foam Sclerotherapy Removes Spider Veins Without Surgery

Dr. Oz invited on a leading dermatologist (Dr. Ariel Ostad) about one of the cutting edge new ways to reduce spider veins without surgery.  He said what is so great about Foam Sclerotherapy is that the treatment is painless and doesn’t require surgery.  He said that the procedure can be done quickly in the Dr.’s office without any recovery or downtime needed.

Dr. Ostad performed the procedure on stage with a member from Dr. Oz’s audience.  She said that she hides her legs because she is so self conscious about her spider veins.  Dr. Ostad injects a tiny needle into a spider vein in her leg (there was no pain) and the foam is injected into the vein.  It was amazing and how quickly the spider veins disappeared and results were immediately seen!  Here are some details about this exciting new treatment for those dreaded spider veins :

  • Cost – $350-$800
  • You usually receive around 20 injections per treatment
  • 3-5 treatments are needed depending on the severity of the spider veins

Tipollar Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Oz invited on another physician that performs the Tripollar Cellulite treatment.  She said that she has never before seen a procedure for cellulite that is as effective or lasts as long as the Tripollar Apollo.  She said that never before until now have we  been able to target the tissues that are responsible for cellulite.  There is no pain and the sensation that you feel can be compared to a warm massage.  The Tripollar Cellulite treatment costs $350 and takes about 30 minutes per visit.  6 treatments are needed for best results.

I-Lipo Non-Surgical Procedure

A plastic surgeon appeared on the show to talk about the I-Lipo non surgical lipsuction.  He said that this is a cutting edge alternative treatment for those who want to remove the fat but do not want to undergo surgery.  This procedure costs $200 per treatment (each treatment only takes 20 minutes).   Two treatments per week for 4 weeks.  You also are instructed to take 20 minute walks between treatments.  the I-Lipo will proved long lasting results.