Dr Oz, Food Addict Personality Quiz, 3 Step Break Addiction Plan

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Dr. Oz and Dr. Ramani Durvasula Talk About Food Addiction And Share A Food Addict Personality Quiz

Have you ever considered the possibility that you could be addicted to food?  Do your emotions play a role on when and how much you eat?  Do you tend to overeat when your sad, happy, or upset?  Today (March 18, 2014) Dr. Oz invited Dr. Ramani Durvasula on to the show to talk about food addiction and they shared a food addiction personality test for the audience and viewers take to help you see if may be a food addict…  They also share a 3 step plan to break food addiction to help you take control of your life as well as your eating habits.

Are You A Food Addict?

How can you tell if you are a food addict or someone who just eats too much?  Dr. Ramani Durvasula said that there are some differences.  She said that the majority of people who are overweight are not food addicts.  She said that while they may eat more than they should, thoughts of food aren’t controlling them all throughout the day.  A food addict will constantly think of food and it eventually takes over their life.  They will use food to manage their emotional state of being and this is when it becomes a serious problem that must be addressed.

When food addicts are emotional eaters they become addicted to food in much the same way a drug addict may be addicted to cocaine.  When a food addict eats food to make them “feel better” it increases dopamine levels in the brain.  The dopamine spike gives them a “high” but this lasts only temporarily…  You build up a tolerance in much the same way that drug addicts do.  The brain will want more and more.  This unhealthy cycle leads to overeating, weight gain and all the health risks associated with being overweight.Take The Food Addict Personality QuizDr. Durvasula created a Food Addict Personality Test to see if you have the symptoms of food addiction.  Listed below are the yes or no questions that were shared on today’s 3-18-2014 Dr. Oz…Answer yes or no to the following test questions :

  1. Do you find yourself thinking about food more than 1 hour each day?
  2. Does your social life evolve around food?  Do you avoid time with your family and friends because of food?
  3. Does stress cause you to turn to food?
  4. Do you overeat to the point of feeling sick?
  5. Do you have food withdrawal symptoms if you haven’t eaten your “trigger foods?”

If you answered yes to at least two of the questions from above you may be a addicted to food.  Fortunately there is a way to break your addiction!

3 Step Plan To Beat Your Food Addiction

After they asked the test questions to determine if you may be a food addicted, Dr. Ramani and Dr. Oz shared a 3 step plan to break free of food addiction and take back control in your life.  Here is the 3 step plan that was shared on the show :

Step #1 – Think of the acronym HALT..  This stands for “Hungry”, “Angry”, “Lonely”, and “Tired.  The next time that you find that you are heading into the kitchen for your “fix” ask yourself if you are eating for any of these reasons?  If you are eating for any of these emotional reasons rather than being truly hungry set a timer for 10 minutes. For at least these 10 minutes don’t allow yourself to eat.  You may find that it was your emotions that were leading you into the condition rather than being truly hungry.

Step #2 – Don’t keep trigger foods in your home.  Dr. Durvasula said to treat them like how a recovering alcoholic would treat alcohol.  Don’t have trigger foods in your home to increase temptations!

Step #3 – Don’t eat anything out of a box or a bag for two weeks.

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