Dr Oz, Food Warnings, Mac & Cheese Additive, Horse Meat in Food

Dr Oz March 14, 2013 Topic : Food Safety Warnings! Mac & Cheese and Horse Meet In Our Food Supply

Dr. Oz, mac and cheese warning, food additives

Dr. Oz Mac & Cheese Food Additive Warning

Sometimes life can get so hectic that you don’t have a lot of time to really sit down and think about the meals that you are feeding your family.  Would you intentionally feed your family food that could potentially be harming them?  The Dr. Oz March 14, 2013 show is intended to raise awareness about which foods contain additives that are unhealthy and potentially harmful.

If you have kids, mac & cheese is most likely a meal that is made regularly in your household. During the 3-14-2013 episode Dr. Oz has a special food warning about an additive that is being put into macaroni and cheese and what kind of unhealthy side effect that this ingredient may carry.  He will also be talking about other harmful additives are being added to food that many of us eat regularly.  Be sure to tune into this episode so yo can protect your family from harmful food additives.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on the show :

Consumer Food Warnings

Awareness is key when you are doing your weekly grocery shopping.  Dr. Oz regularly teaches viewers how to read label and which ingredients you should avoid.  On the March 14, 2013 episode Dr. Oz has a food alert that just may shock you!  He will be talking about how horse meat may be making it’s way into our food supply!  Find out how questionable practices are happening without any consumer knowledge and what we can do to make sure our families aren’t purchasing any of these products.

Be sure to set your DVR’s so you will have all the knowledge that you need to make smarter choices at the grocery store.  Without a “grocery store handbook” that tells you exactly which foods to avoid it’s hard to make the right choices.  Dr. Oz will be doing all the hard work for you by exposing the harmful products along with the additives that are being added to commonly consumed foods.

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