Dr Oz, Foods As Powerful As Statins, Lower Heart n Cholesterol Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods As Powerful As Statins – Apples, Garlic Cloves, Beet Greens

Today (March 14, 2014) Dr. Oz opened the show talking about foods that are as powerful as statins and may make you rethink about the medications you may be taking for cholesterol and heart disease.  Dr. Oz talks about why apples, beet greens, and garlic cloves can help to lower your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.  You will not only improve your health, but you will live longer and may never even need to get on medications for these conditions.

An Apple A Day Keeps Cholesterol / High Blood Pressure, Diabetes Away

As most know Dr. Oz has been a heart surgeon for many years and the heart is his favorite organ to talk about.  Dr. Oz said that simply eating an apple a day can help to keep statin medication away.  Dr. Oz said that taking statins can increase your risk for diabetes and even cause muscle damage.  On the contrary, eating an apple a day helps to lower cholesterol and doesn’t have harmful side effects like statins do.  While statins are effective at lowering cholesterol they can also cause elevated blood pressure and blood sugar.  So, remember to eat an apple a day to keep the heart surgeon away!

The Heart Healthy Benefits of Eating Beet Greens

Many people who have high blood pressure also have high cholesterol.. Fortunately, there are foods that will help to lower both at the same time.  Dr. Oz said that beet greens are wonderful at lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  They are an excellent source of insoluble fiber as well as potassium.  These two work together in tandem to help improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Eat 1 cup a day to receive heart healthy benefits.

Lower Your Cholesterol With Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves are an all natural way to effectively lower your cholesterol and help fight heart disease.  Garlic works at lowering your cholesterol in a similar way as medications.  Garlic forces the LDL “bad” cholesterol out of your body. However, garlic has the added benefit of forcing the bad cholesterol out but keeping the good cholesterol in!

  • So, how much garlic should you eat per day to receive benefits?  Dr. Oz said to eat 1 garlic clove or 1 tsp of fresh garlic powder every day.

In summary : Dr. Oz said that if you start eating these foods now, you can avoid having to be put on medications in the future!

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