Dr Oz, Foods To Cut Ovarian Cancer Risk In Half, Stomach Cancer

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods That Reduce Your Risk For Cancer

Cancer affects us all. We all know somebody who has battled this disease.  Today (February 7, 2014) Dr. Oz spoke about foods that will help you reduce your risk of getting cancer or to help fight the disease if you have it.  Dr. Oz said that eating the right foods can literally cut your risk of cancer in half!  Listed below are the food recommendations that discussed during this segment on today’s show :

Spinach Can Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian Cancer by 60%

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Wiliam Li on to the show to talk about how diet is the best preventative medicine for cancer.  He said that simply incorporating the right foods into your daily diet can cut your risk for cancer in half.

Dr. Li said that some of the most potent cancer fighters are green leafy vegetables.  He said that they contain properties that prevent and fight cancer.  Dr. William Li said that if you eat just 1 cup a day of raw green leafy veggies of day you will reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by 60 percent.  Another green leafy veggie like Kale would be another suggestion that you could add to your diet.

Cauliflower Reduces Your Risk Of Upper Stomach Cancer By 50%

Eating just 1/4 cup of cabbage or cauliflower each day can reduce your risk of getting cancer in the stomach by 50 percent.

Swiss, Gouda, Yarlsburg Cheese Reduce Your Risk of Lung Cancer

To reduce your risk of lung cancer, eat 2 oz of Yarlsburg, Gouda, or Swiss cheese each day.

Reduce Salt Intake To Lower Your Risk of Stomach Cancer

Dr. William Li said that too much salt in your diet is linked to stomach cancer.

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