Dr Oz, Foods That Cause Alzheimers & Cast Iron Skillet Alzheimers Link

Dr Oz Talks About What Foods Cause Alzheimers & The Link Between Cast Iron Skillets and Alzheimers Disease

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Neal Barnard on to the show to talk about a disease (Alzheimers) that terrifies us all.  During this segment Dr. Oz and Dr. Barnard talk about the use of cast iron skillets and their link to Alzheimers disease.  They also talk about which foods increase your risk of getting Alzheimers disease and the precautions you can take to keep your brain healthy and ward off this disease.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment on foods to prevent alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Through Diet

Dr. Oz said the recent studies have returned data that says that the brains of people with Alzheimers have higher concentrations of certain minerals.  The study gives the indication that eating certain foods like meat, fish, and dairy can raise your risk of getting Alzheimers disease.  Dr. Neal Barnard believes that the answer to preventing Alzheimers shouldn’t come from any drug but rather than from the food that we consume.  Diet can be the best medicine or method of prevention of ever getting this debilitating disease.

Can Cast Iron Skillets Cause Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Barnard feels that Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by the build up of metals like copper, zinc, and iron in the brain.  He said that cooking with cast iron skillets can cause a buildup of metals in the brain over time.  When they reach a “toxic” level they release free radicals which attack your brain cells.

Foods That Increase Your Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease

Meat – Meat contains iron which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are anemic. However, some people eat entirely too much meat and consume too much iron.  Some meats are also unhealthy for the heart and brain because of it’s high saturated fat content.

Dairy –  Dairy products that contain high amounts of saturated fat isn’t healthy for brain.

Fish – Dr. Barnard explained to Dr. Oz that certain fish contain high quantities of potentially harmful metals.  He pointed out that lobster is particularly high in potentially harmful metals.  He said that you can get Omega 3 fatty acids from other sources.

Vitamin Supplements – Dr. Barnard spoke to Dr. Oz about multivitamin supplements.  He said that multivitamins does help to provide you with all of the vitamins you need, you shouldn’t pick out a supplement that contains iron, zinc, or copper because you get plenty just through your diet alone.

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