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Anti-Aging, Fountain of Youth October 23 2012 Dr Oz Episode Preview

Ok, fasten your seat belts.  Modern Medicine Man, David Agus squares off against holistic health guru Chris Kilham on the Doctor Oz 23, 2012 anti-aging episode.  While some people call Kilham and Agus as controversial, others swear by their health and anti-aging methods.  Has either one of these health guru’s found the fountain of youth?  Tune in to the October 23 2012 show to find out!  In case you miss this exciting episode make sure you come back to TvShowUpdate.com to see what you missed or participate in our Dr. Oz Fan Forums. Here is a preview of what  you may expect.

Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Secrets Unveiled

Dr Oz, Anti-Aging Tips, Fountain of Youth Secrets, Chris Kilham, David Agus

Dr. Oz Talks About Fountain of Youth Tips With Chris Kilham and David Agus

Dr. Oz anti-aging episodes are always popular with the viewers and the 10-23-2012 episode promises deliver exciting new tips and secrets to help keep you looking and feeling your best.

Chris Kilham is not stranger to the Dr. Oz show.  He has appeared numerous times talking about supplements, and nutrition that can not only slow down the aging process but may help you live longer possibly as well.

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Do You Plan On Watching the Oct. 23, 2012 episode?  Are you a fan of anti-aging remedies..  Do you prefer Chris Kilham’s, or medicine man David Agus methods to health and wellness?  Please share your opinions on this highly anticipated episode.  Update:  The show has been aired.  Here is the segment talk talks about how Aspirin Prevents Cancer and That Sitting Is Worse Than Cigarettes!

You do not need to register to participate in our Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Fan Forums so come on in and make yourself feel feel comfortable.  Share your viewpoints on aging gracefully and in the healthiest possible way.  We will proving show recaps immediately after the show has been aired.