Dr Oz, Fractora Firm Facelift, Liquid Eye Lift Procedures – Reviews

Beauty Bargains on Dr Oz Fractora Firm and Liquid Eye Lift

During this segment on today’s show, Dr. Oz talks about beauty bargains that will give you results that will rival expensive facelift surgeries and procedures.  If you you have ever wished that you could get some “work” done but can’t afford the procedures or you have  no desire to go under the knife you may want to consider the Fractora Firm and/or Liquid Eye Lift treatments that Dr. Oz talked about on today’s show.

Fractora Firm Procedure

fractora firm face lift, dr oz

Fractora Firm Facelift and Liquid Eye Lift Procedures on Dr Oz

The average facelift cost is a whopping $10,000!  This pricey procedure also involves painful surgery and there are always risks involved when you are going under the knife.  If you can’t afford a surgical facelift (or don’t want to have surgery) you may want to consider the Fractora Firm.  Dr. Oz invited Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn on to the show to talk about this innovative new procedure that can give you the results of an expensive facelift but at a fraction of the price.

The Fractora Firm costs approximately 300 dollars and is painless!  The Fractora Firm uses radio frequency on the skin and you can notice results right away!  There is no actual surgery involved and you wouldn’t even have to miss any work due to recovery time.  If you are looking for an effective facelift this is one of the most cost effective facelift treatment out there.

Liquid Eye Lift Treatment

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Haideh Hermand on to the show to talk about the Liquid Eye Lift Treatment.  The Liquid Eye Lift is a an effective yet simple procedure that is much less costly than other surgical procedures.  While there are needles involved there aren’t any scalpel or other surgical procedures involved.  A doctor will put small drops of hyrulaunic acid filler on the edge of the eye.  This will plump up the areas of the eye that become dark and sunken with age.  The procedure is very quick and much less invasive than regular eye lifts.  Dr. Hermand said that some patients will experience some bruising and some swelling.  This highly effective alternative more costly eye lifts will safe you thousands of dollars.

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