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Dr. Oz Talks About How You Can Get Free Medications and Get On A Prescription Meds Assistance Program

Today’s show was all about what you can get for free (or at least much cheaper).  In the prior segment Dr. Oz talks about how to get free health screenings and save money on your grocery bill.  The average monthly grocery bill for a family is over 600 dollars per month.  Find out how to cut that bill in half quickly and easily.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how you can get free medications and get on a prescription meds assistance program to greatly reduce the financial burden that prescription medications cause.

Prescription medications can be very costly and it’s a reoccurring cost every month.  This can put a great strain on your budget and adds unneeded stress to your life.  What would you say if someone said that you could get your prescriptions for free?  Well, in some cases you can!  Dr. Oz invited Elisabeth Leamy on to the show to share some tips on how you can get free prescriptions not only for yourself but for your entire family as well!Steps On How To Get Free Prescription MedicationsElisabeth Leamy informed viewers that prescription assistance programs are available for anyone that is in need of assistance.  You can search online to find them.  They mentioned the website pparx.org as a website that can help you to find the assistance that you need to get some much needed relief on the financial costs of your meds.  The steps listed below are quick and easy and won’t require you to enter more than basic information about yourself and your family.

  • The site will ask you to list the medications for each member of your family
  • The next step will ask you to state your income. Elisabeth said that you shouldn’t immediately think that you are over qualified.  She said that a single person can make up to 45,000 nd still qualify for free prescriptions.  A couple can make as much as 60k!!  A family of four can make as much as 90 thousand dollars a year and still qualify for free prescription medications.
  • Browse and see which medications are free for you
  • Finish filling out the application and have your doctor sign it and drop it in your mailbox.  That’s all there is to it! It will take about 10 days to hear back.  They will notify you and let know what medications you qualify to get free and if you can receive your meds by mail or if you will need to pick them up at your pharmacy.

Elisabeth Leamy said that regardless of what kind of medication that you are taking, drug companies have an assistance program to help you afford the costs even if yo don’t qualify for free medications.  You can still get a hefty discount which will add up to a lot.

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