Dr Oz, Garbanzo Beans / Chick Pea Horseradish Energy Boosters

Dr. Oz Talks About The Energy Boosting Benefits of Garbanzo Beans, Horseradish, and Walnut Oil

Today Dr. Oz was talking about all natural energy boosters to help give you the boost you need all throughout the day without reaching for the coffee repeatedly.  During this segment of the (November 1, 2013) episode Dr. Oz talks about the energy boosting benefits of Garbanzo Beans (aka Chick Peas), Horseradish, and Walnut Oil.  You can add these ingredients to your meals or snacks to help give your body the boost to get you through the day.

Horseradish Contains A Stimulating Oil

Dr. Oz said that the condiment horseradish can help give your body a boost. He said that horseradish helps because it contains stimulating oils that will help pick you up if you are feeling sluggish.  The oil stimulates your nose, throat, and eyes.  Try spreading some horseradish on a sandwich as an afternoon snack.

Roasted Chickpeas Make A Great Snack

Have you ever eaten Hummus and wondered what the delicious dip is made of?  Chick Peas, or Garbanza beans are the main ingredient.  Dr. Oz said that roasted chickpeas will give you an energy boost and they are also very good for you.  They have high amounts of protein (for sustained energy) and fiber.  Try adding some roasted chickpeas to your soups, salads, and/or pasta dishes.  You can also eat roasted chickpeas alone as a delicious snack!

Walnut Oil High in Omega 3’s and Provide An Energy Boost

Dr. Oz loves the type of cooking oils that contain heart healthy fats.  Walnut Oil has high amounts of Omega 3’s which is very good for you.  Walnut Oil can also give you an energy boost to keep you from feeling sluggish when you know there are things that need to get done!  Try adding some walnut oil to salads for a delicious energy boosting treat with a nutty flavor.

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