Dr Oz, Gastritis Pain and Cranberry Green Tea, Dinner Spinner App

Dr. Oz Talks About Gastritis Pain and Health Apps (Dinner Spinner, Aherk, Bowel Mover, and Insomnia)

Gastritis can be a very painful condition that can cause persistent symptoms that can linger on all throught the day.  During this segment on today’s (February 11, 2015) show Dr. Oz demonstrated what causes gastritis and what remedies that you can do to help ease the pain associated with this ailment.  Dr. Oz and A.J. Jacobs also share apps like the Dinner Spinner, Aherk, Bowel Mover, and Insomnia that will improve your health and/or fitness.

Cranberry Green Tea For Gastritis Pain

Dr. Oz said that beverages like alcohol and coffee can cause Gastritis and intensify the pain.  Gastritis can cause a burning pain in your stomach along with nausea that can persist for a long time.  Here are some remedies and foods / beverages to avoid for gastritis pain relief.

    • If you are going to drink alcohol you should red wine.  Dr. Oz said that it is the most acidic of all of the wines.  He suggested drinking a hard liquor instead of you are going to drink.  Try Gin and Tonic with mint and ginger.  This may help to avoid gastritis induced pain from alcohol.

Instead of drinking coffee, drink Cranberry Green Tea instead.  You will get an energy boost while reducing Gastritis pain.

Health Apps

Dr. Oz invited A.J. Jacobs on to the show to share some apps to help improve your health and fitness.  Here are the apps that were shared on the show :

  • Dinner Spinner Pro App – Have you ever opened up your fridge and had no idea what to make?  The Dinner Spinner app allows you to enter the ingredients in your fridge and the Dinner Spinner app will come up with a recipe using the ingredients that you have on hand!
  • Aherk App – This is the ultimate motivation app!  The app is free and it holds you accountable for your fitness goals that you plan for yourself.. You enter the exercises that you plan to do each day.  If you don’t do the exercise the app will upload embarrassing photos of you to facebook!
  • Bowel Mover App – Tracks the food that you are eating and makes sure that you are eating the foods that will help to keep your bowels moving the way that they should!
  • Yoga For Insomnia – Features yoga poses to try to help you sleep at night. This app costs $4.99

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