Dr Oz, Gel Manicures Staph Infection Risk, Thin Nails by 50%

Gel Manicure Risks and Warnings on Dr. Oz Show

Gel manicures are extremely popular nowadays and the vast majority of women who treat themselves to a manicure don’t even consider this treatment as potentially being dangerous to their health.  Gel manicures are incredibly popular because they last for such a long time, but have you ever worried about placing your fingers under UV lamps for up to 8 minutes at a time? Today Dr. Oz discusses some health risks and warnings that everyone should consider before your next trip to the salon to see your manicurist.  Also be sure to check out why you should use SPF Sunscreen and use anti-UV gloves when getting a manicure.

Gel Manicures Increase Infection Risk By Thinning Your Nails

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Infections Risks Discussed on the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr Oz invited Dermatologist Anne Chapas on to the show to talk about the inherited dangers that are involved from the nail damage that occurs from having a Gel Manicure.  Anne Chapas said that while the nails look wonderful after the treatment has been completed they also cause nail damage and serious infections can occur.

When a manicurist is preparing your nails they go through a removal process.  Dr. Chapas explained to Dr. Oz that you have to soak your hands in acetone for a lengthy time to remove a gel manicure.  After your hands are soaked in acetone you then have to begin scraping the nails.  This can cause a great deal of damage to the nails.  Dr. Chapas said that you can thin your nails by as much as 50% and this can make you susceptible to serious infections.  She said that women who already have thin nails should avoid getting a gel manicure altogether.

Can Gel Manicures Cause Staph and Fungal Infections?

Dr. Oz performed one of his infamous on stage demonstrations to explain why scraping the nails can cause infections.  The intensive scraping causes breaks and fissures in the skin surrounding the nails.  This can allow bacteria to get into the skin or nails and lead to staph infections.  Not only do you run the risk of staph infection but you can also be susceptible to getting fungal infections that are very hard to get rid of.  Dr. Chapas said that getting a gel manicure is simply not worth the risk of the potential consequences.