Dr Oz, Get Rid of Warts Using Duct Tape, Kegel Exercises For Men

Dr. Oz Talks About How To Get Rid Of Warts With Duct Tape & Kegel Exercises For Men

Have you ever had an embarrassing ailment but didn’t feel uncomfortable talking with someone about it.  Today Dr. Oz talks about embarrassing myths that many people have but are afraid to admit.  During the opening segment Dr. Oz talks about how bras cause sagging breasts rather than preventing them.  He also talks about which toenail infections should be treated by a professional.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how you can get rid of warts and if it’s true that frogs give you warts.

Should Men Do Kegel Exercises?

Dr. Oz said that it is a myth that kegel exercises are just for women.  Dr. Oz explained that men also have a pelvic floor and they will also receive benefits from doing this exercise.  Kegal exercises can help men because it is a way to engorge your blood vessels “down there” and promote circulation and blood flow to the male genitalia.

Is Sex A Good Way Of Burning Calories?

When you have sex how many calories do you think you burn?  A woman from the audience made a wild guess of 1,500 calories. Unfortunately the number isn’t anywhere near that many.  Dr. Oz said that a six minute love making session only burns 21 calories.  There are also other benefits to having sex though, such as flexible muscles, reduced stress & heart health.

How To Get Rid Of Warts

You have likely heard that “Frogs cause warts” at some point while growing up.  Is it true? Can frogs indeed cause warts?  Even Dr. Oz believed that frogs caused warts when he was a child.  However, they do not but you can take some steps to get rid of them using tape!

Warts are cause when a virus penetrates your skin causing an abnormal growth.  Duct tape is a remedy that really works.  You should cut off a piece of duct tape just big enough to cover the wart.  This will literally suffocate the wart.  Dr. Oz said that you shouldn’t do this remedy for more than 6 days.  When you remove the duct tape you should use an emery board (or a pumice stone) and scrape off the top layer.  Retape the wart and do this for another 6 days.  Repeat these steps until the wart is completely gone.

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