Dr Oz, Glyci-Med Diet “Hot Hormone” Foods, Mediterranean Diet Twist

Dr. Oz Talks To Dr. Natasha Turner About Eating “Glyci-Med Style” – Mediterranean Diet Twist

Today Dr. Oz has been talking about a 3 step fat burning hormone plan to reduce belly, thigh, back, upper torso, and bottom fat.  During this segment Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Turner about a new twist on the Mediterranean Diet (one of Dr. Oz’s favorite kinds of diets), called the Glyci Med.  This new diet consists of eating foods that are high in fats and proteins but low in carbohydrates.

  • The Glyci-Med Diet Rule – For every serving of carbs that you eat during a meal you should eat twice as much protein and healthy fats.  This will stabilize your insulin and blood sugar levels (which will in turn control your food cravings).

Hot Hormone Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Whey Protein Isolate – Helps to reduce your appetite.  This bioavailable protein helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, improve muscle mass and weight loss. Add a scoop of Whey Protein Isolate to a healthy (and delicious) smoothie.  Dr. Oz said that you should be careful that you choose a whey protein that says “Isolate” on the labeling and not “mixed concentrate”.

Pomegranate – Pomegranate helps to reduce the effects of estrogen because it contains ellagic acid.  Dr. Natasha Turner suggested eating a half a cup of granate seeds.  She said that pomegranate seeds has more fiber that just drinking pomegranate juice.  It also contains less sugar!

Buckwheat – This is a fruit that is related to the rhubarb.  This is a good alternative for those who are sensitive to gluten.  Buckwheat stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels.

Dry Red Wine – Contains Resveratol (found in grapes).  Dry red wine may increasing your metabolic rate and give you a feeling of satiety.  Drink 2 to 3 glass per week (if you are over 21 of course).  Dr. Oz and Dr. Turner said that you should choose a “Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah” because these types of dry red wines are very high in flavonoids.  They also aid in digestion.

Roasted Soy Nuts – Studies suggest that eating roasted soy nuts may give you a metabolism boost.

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