Dr Oz, Great Diet Showdown – Which is Best to Lose Weight Paleo, Vegan

dr oz great diet showdown

Today Dr. Oz unveiled an experiment called the “Great Diet Showdown” to see which diets all around the world are the best at helping you to lose weight and too keep the weight off long term.  With so many diets to choose from, how do you choose which one is right for you?  The 10 diets in “The Great Diet Showdown”.

The contests consist of many popular diets including The Paleo Diet, The Probiotic Diet, The Protein Shake Diet, The Elimination Diet, The Vegan Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, and several more..

Dr Oz The Great Diet Showdown – Which Is Best?

Dr. Oz spoke with ten women who each tried a one of the ten most popular diets.  From now until January Dr. Oz will be talking about each of the ten diets until they reveal the winner to the Diet Showdown.  Here is a summary of what ten random women who appeared on Dr. Oz had to say about their respective diet and how much weight loss was achieved.

The Paleo Diet – One of the most popular diets out there.  The woman revealed that she lost

The Probiotic Diet – Studies have proven that your gut bacteria can help to reduce bloating and help you maintain a healthy weight.  The research has shown that improving your gut health with probiotics can help you achieve weight loss with the added benefit of reducing stomach bloating.

The Protein Shake Diet – On this diet you drink protein shakes for two meals a day.  You also are supposed to avoid processed foods, added sugars, salt, saturated fats, deli meats, sugar substitutes, and sweets like cookies and soda.

The Elimination Diet – The name of the diet speaks for itself.   The Elimination Diet requires you to not eat anything processed, white sugar, beef, pork, processed meat, shellfish, gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, soy, coffee, tea, chocolate, and peanut products.

Vegan Diet – To stay motivated and not cheat while on the Vegan diet you should buy all the foods that you will be eating and have them in the house beforehand.  You can eat all kinds of fruit, veggies like spinach and kale.  You can eat foods like sweet potatoes, seeds, nuts, grains, oats, quinoa, plant protein, tofu, and tempeh.

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