Dr Oz, Greek Coffee Benefit – Lower Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes

Dr. Oz Talks About The Benefits Of Drinking Greek Coffee – Lower Risk For Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes

Have you ever thought about the nutritional and longevity benefits that your coffee may give you?  Today Dr. Oz talks about Greek Coffee and the long term health benefits that it may provide.  Dr. Oz talks about how all coffee isn’t created equal and why Greek coffee is prepared in a way that may unleash health benefits that you may have not thought to be possible.  Dr. Oz talks about how to make Greek Coffee as well as findings that seem to suggest that this brew can help to lower your risk for heart disease as well as reduce your risk for diabetes and even cancer!

Chris Kilham Talks About The Health Benefits Of Greek Coffee

Dr. Oz invited Chris Kilham on to the show to talk about why Greek coffee poses health benefits that other coffees do not.  Chris Kilham, aka “medicine hunter”, said that Greek coffee is boiled rather than brewed.  He also said that Greek coffee is very concentrated and most people are surprised with they have their first taste.  This highly concentrated boiled coffee carries that added benefits of lowering your risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  Dr. Oz said that this is exciting news because with so many coffee lovers out there the benefits from serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is definitely worth sharing.

What Types Of Ground Coffee Are There?

  • Coarse grind – Typically you will find this type of coffee when you are out to eat at a restaurant.
  • Medium grind – This is typically the kind of coffee that most people drink at home, that is usually prepared from a French press or coffee brewing machine
  • Fine grind – Finely ground (what Greek coffee uses) into a fine powder.   Another term for fine grind is “Espresso Grind”

How Much Caffeine Does Greek Coffee Contain

Dr. Oz said that the number one killer for women is heart disease.  This is why Dr. Oz was so excited to share the latest findings about Greek coffee’s ability to lower your risk for heart disease!  So how much caffeine does it contain?  Dr. Oz says that it actually contains less caffeine that American coffee does.  He said that 3 to 5 cups a day equals around 100 mg of caffeine.  The health benefits that Greek coffee provides is another reason to roll out of bed and enjoy a cup (or two) to start your day!

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