Dr Oz, Greek Omega 3 Oil Study Flawed? Fish Oil Risks & Benefits

Dr Oz December 28 2012 Fish Oil Episode

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Dr Oz Talks About The Health Benefits and Risks From Taking Fish Oil Supplements

Dr Oz and Dr. Tanya Edwards discuss a Greek Study Omega 3 Oil study that suggested that these supplements may not have heart healthy benefits.  However, Dr. Oz still recommends Omega 3’s and that even the Greek Omega 3 Oil study indicated that there was a 9% risk in heart disease.   During this segment on today’s December 28, 2012 episode Dr. Oz talks the risks and health benefits that people should be aware about before taking Omega 3 supplements.
Who Should Not Take Fish Oil Supplements

Dr. Oz and Dr. Tanya Edwards talked about the risks that some people should consider before taking Omega 3 supplements.  What risks should you consider before taking fish oil supplements?

  • People with allergies to fish should consider finding other sources for Omega 3’s.  Dr. Oz also did a segment on Omega 3 alternatives, such as algae oil that you can consider.
  • People taking blood thinners – Fish oil supplements can thin your blood so if you should understand the risks and consult a physician before taking these supplements.

Health Benefits Of Taking Omega 3’s

Dr Edwards said that there is a wide myriad of health benefits that Omega 3’s have to offer.  They can help to improve the health of your brain, reduce anxiety, depression, and even help people with bipolar disorders.   They can help you to boost your mood, improve your memory (back to brain health), eye dryness, and improve skin conditions such as eczema.

Which Is Better? Taking Omega 3 Supplements Or Eating Fish?

Can you get all the Omega 3’s that you need from eating fish? Yes you could but in today’s environment it may not be a good idea.  Mercury is a risk that many people should consider (especially pregnant women).  Also factory farm fish are often processed and don’t contain the amount of Omega 3’s that you need.  If you choose to get your Omega 3’s from eating fish sources Dr. Tanya Edwards recommends trout, sardines, mackerel, and salmon.  She siad that if you are getting most of your Omega 3’s from fish sources you should be eating the fishes that are low in mercury content.  You should also be aware that there are some fish that don’t contain very small amounts of Omega 3’s (such as tilapia).

Do You Take Omega 3 Supplements?

What was your opinion from today’s December 28, 2012 Dr Oz show?  Do you take fish oil supplements or do you eat fish several times a week to get your Omega 3’s?  If you have any comments on this matter, please leave a comment below.  We would love to hear what you have to say on this health matter.