Dr Oz, Green Hair Cholorine Remedy, Jelly Sting Treatments, Bikini Bumps

How To Fix Green Hair From Chlorine, Jelly Sting Remedies, and Bikini Bump Treatments

The “Summertime Edition” episode continues with home remedies to fix your hair that has turned green from the chlorine in the pool, bikini bumps that occur after a wax treatment, and jelly sting treatments that really work to help alleviate the pain.  Be sure to check out the prior segment to see if it’s safe to swim in a pool that has been peed in and an easy remedy to help prevent heat rashes.

Why Does Swimming In A Pool Cause Your Hair To Turn Green

A woman came to the stage to talk to Dr. Oz about her embarrassing question.  She said that her hair turns green when she goes swimming in pools with chlorine…  Dr. Oz said that most people assume it’s the chlorine that causes your hair to turn green, but it’s not.. It’s the copper that causes this to happen.  He said that your hair follicles are opened after you have been in the pool for awhile.  Copper then gets into your hair follicles.  The copper oxidizes and causes your hair to turn green.

Tomato Paste Green Hair Remedy

Dr. Oz said that there is a simple home remedy  that you can use to remove the green color from your hair after a day of swimming in your pool and you can find it in your kitchen cupboards!!  Here is what you need to do :

  1. Spread tomato paste throughout your hair
  2. Put on a shower cap for five minutes
  3. Rinse the tomato paste out of your hair
  4. Shampoo and condition your hair

Dr. Oz said that this simple and inexpensive remedy is all you have to do to remove the green out of your hair after swimming in the pool!

Preventing Bikini Bumps

Do you get small red bikini bumps after receiving a bikini wax?  Dr. Oz said that the wax can leave so small openings in the skin which allows bacteria to enter.  Red bikini bumps is often the result.. Here are some helpful hints that were given on today’s show :

  • Choose a hard wax for the treatment.. Hard wax isn’t as irritable to your skin
  • Do not exfoliate for 2 days prior to your waxing treatment
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream to the area

Jellyfish Sting Remedies

A sting from a jellyfish can be quite painful and the pain can take 24 hours to subside! Dr. Oz invited on a woman to talk about her jellyfish story.  She said that her daughter was stung by a jellyfish so she did the only kind of treatment that she knew of to help alleviate her daughters pain.  Yes, she peed on her..  Dr. Oz said that while urine does provide some relief there are much better (and less embarrassing) ways to alleviate the pain from jellyfish stings.  They are :

Hot water – Dr. Oz said that hot water is one of the best remedies that you can do to stop the pain from a jellyfish sting.  He said that hot water works because it stops the venom (which causes the pain) from being injected into you body.

Salt water – The very same water that a jellyfish came from can help to provide some relief.  It will clean the area around the sting but it doesn’t stop the venom from entering the body.. So there will be pain from the sting.

Urine – Dr. Oz said that urine is only marginally effective because it isn’t very acidic so the relief will be limited.

Vinegar – Dr. Oz said that this isn’t a good remedy for most areas around the world because it causes the jellyfish to release more venom.  However, this is a good remedy for the jellyfish that inhabit the Florida and Gulf of Mexico locations.

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