Dr Oz, Gut Flush, 7 Day Vegan Cleanse Guideline for Body Type

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Dr. Oz and Dr. Junger Talk About The 5 Day Gut Flush and 7 Day Vegan Cleanse For Body Type

Today Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger talked about the best body cleanses according to your body type.  During the first segment on today’s episode they spoke about the 3 day all liquid cleanse being effective if you carry body fat proportionately and if you eat more processed foods that what you probably should.  During this segment they spoke about the 5 Day Gut Flush and 7 Day Vegan detox cleanses.

7 Day Vegan Cleanse Helpful For Inflammation In The Body

Here are questions that you should ask yourself to see if you fall in to this body type :

    1. Do you consume red meat more than twice during a typical week?
    2. So you frequently crave sugar?
    3. Do you always feel stressed out at work as well as at home?
    4. Do you suffer from dry and itchy skin?
    5. Do your joints ache?
    6. Is cancer common in your family history?

If you answered yest to any of the questions noted above you may have excess inflammation in the body according to Dr. Alejandro junger.  If so, the 7 Day Vegan Cleanse may be appropriate for you :

Inflammation in the body is often do to food intolerance.  Dr. Alejandro Junger and Dr. Oz explained that the nutrients that the veggies contain counteract body inflammation.  Foods that are frequently culprits of body inflammation are bread, dairy, tomatoes, and potatoes.

7 Day Vegan Cleanse Guidelines :

  • Do not consume any animal meats
  • Do not consume any dairy
  • No nightshades
  • 3 meals plus two snacks per day consisting of vegan foods
  • Include as much anti-inflammatory foods as possible

Here is an example of a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the 7 day vegan cleanse :

Breakfast – Gluten free granola with berries

Lunch – Soba noodles with ginger and kale

Dinner – Quinoa that is cooked in coconut oil.  Add turmeric to the quinoa to further combat inflammation.

Snack  options – celery sticks, an apple, almond butter

They suggested taking an Omega 3 supplement during the cleanse to help lower inflammation in the body.

Bloated Middle Body Type

Do you eat fatty foods and/or consume more alcohol than you should?  The 5 Day Gut Flush would be a beneficial body detox cleanse for you.  Ask your self these questions and see if any apply to you :

    1. Do you have salty food cravings?
    2. Do you carry excess weight around the midsection?
    3. Do you drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages per week?
    4. You you frequently fry your foods?
    5. Do you eat at fast food restaurants two times or more during the course of a week?

If any of these sound like you, the 5 Day Gut Flush cleanse would likely be for you.

5 Day Gut Flush Cleanse For the “Bloated Middle” Body Types

Dr. Junger said that the Gut Flush will allow your stomach to relax and promote “good” bacterial growth.  Here are the guidelines that were set forth on the show :

  • Do not consume any grains
  • Don’t eat any processed sugar
  • Include healthy probiotics into your diet
  • Have 2 liquified meals and 1 solid meal each day
  • 2 snacks

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner examples :

Breakfast shake / smoothie – 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk, handful of frozen berries (you choose), 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 avocado, pinch of mint leaves.  You can add a bit of stevia to sweeten it up if you desire.

Lunch – Shredded turkey on a bed of lettuce

Dinner – Make yourself some homemade chicken soup with carrots

Snacks – have a handful of almonds or some of your favorite berries.

They suggested taking a Probiotic Supplement during the gut flush to promote healthy bacterial growth in the belly.

Dr. Alejandro explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that some people will identify to more than one of the cleanses that were talked about on today’s show.  If so, try one cleanse and see how it works for you and then try another.

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