Dr Oz, Hapi Fork “Smart”, Fruit Flavor Infuser, LED Cake Plate, Weight Loss Gadgets

Dr. Oz : The “Smart” Hapi Fork, Fruit Water Flavor Infuser, LED Cake

On today’s July 11th show, Dr. Oz did a segment that featured cutting edge weight loss gadgets to help you shed unwanted pounds.  During the episode Dr. Oz featured a very unique “Smart fork”, a bottle that infuses natural fruit juices into drinking water, and a LED cake which helps with portion control.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment when Dr. Oz and three women review the best inventions for the lazy woman.

The Hapi Fork

Dr. Oz invited Steve Greenberg (author of “Gadget Nation) on to the show to talk about weight loss gadgets. The Smart Fork fork debuted on Consumer Reports earlier in the year.. This one of a kind gadget reminds you to eat slower.   The Hapi Fork has a built in timer.  If you eat slowly and take no more than one bite every 10 seconds the smart fork will stay silent.  However, if you are eating more quickly than that the smart fork will vibrate and light up letting you know that you are eating too quickly.  Eating more slowly will allow your body time to realize that it’s fool and you will eat less. Of course, the side effect to eating less is losing weight!  Dr. Oz made a joke and said the next generation of “happy forks” will shock you!

The “smart” Hapi – fork will help you to lose weight in the following ways :

  • It counts 10 seconds between bites
  • Allows 60 bites per meals
  • Allows you 20-25 minutes to complete your meal
  • Sends meals that you eat to the smart forks website and it will list how many fork servings you ate,  how fast you ate, and how long it took you to eat your meal.

The Flavor Infuser

Many people don’t drink enough water.  Instead they resort to drinking sodas or sugar laden drinks, thus adding loads of calories to their daily diet.  The Fruit Water Flavor Infuser is a great way to make water more enjoyable to drink so you will be less likely to reach for unhealthy sugary drinks.

To use the Fruit Water Flavor Infuser you simply take off the bottom of the cup add some berries, lemons, oranges (or any other soft fruit) and then screw back on the bottom.  As you are screwing the bottom of the Fruit Water Flavor Infuser back in you are mashing up the berries at the same time so you don’t ever need any batteries for this cool new weight loss gadget!  The Fruit Water Flavor Infuser adds all natural fruit juice to your water to make a nutritious and delicious drink.  Dr. Oz asked Steve Greenberg how much this gadget costs and he said that you can find it online for 25 dollars or less.

LED Cake Plate

This weight loss gadget helps you with portion control.. It has a LED lights around the cake plate.  You enter how many servings the cake (or whatever you put on the cake plate) is for.  The lights will show you how big each serving should be so you know exactly how much you should eat (or what you shouldn’t surpass!).  The LED cake plate costs approximately 39 dollars.. Dr. Oz wasn’t totally on board with this one.. He was like “Why would anyone buy this?”  He did seem to love the Hapi Fork and Fruit Flavor Infuser gadgets however.

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