Dr Oz, Haskap Berry, Lucuma Powder, Chaga Mushroom Remedy

Haskap Berry, Lacuma Powder, Chaga Mushroom

Dr. Oz has invited Bryce Wylde on to the show on several occasions to talk about holistic health remedies that truly are effective.  On today’s (March 11, 2014) episode Bruce Wylde talked about Haskap Berry, Lucuma Powder, Chaga Mushrooms, Black Licorice Root, and Eucalyptus Oil.  These natural holistic remedies can help to improve ailments such as stress, hunger, exhaustion, mood and more.

Chaga Mushrooms Have Anti-Aging / Anti-Cancer Properties

The Chaga Muschroom (found in birch trees) is loaded with antioxidants and contains properties that can help to combat diseases such as cancer.  It also has other benefits as well.  Bruce told Dr. Oz that Chaga Mushroom is even used in many anti-aging cosmetic creams to reduce wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging.

Lucuma Powder

Add some Lucuma powder to your breakfast to help stabilize your energy and slows down the rate of sugar absorbtion into your blood stream.

Haskap Berry

In Japan they call call Haskap Berry as “The Fruit of Longevity”…  This super berry has FIVE times more antioxidant power than blueberries.  It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Eucalyptus Oil –  Bruce Wylde said that Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial agents that will help relieve congestion and may even be able to prevent colds and flus.

5 Quick All Natural Remedy Fixes

Dr. Oz asked Bryce Wylde what he recommends for 5 common health ailments that effect so many.  He asked him what he does to alleviate exhaustion, hunger, stress, insomnia and being cranky.  Here is what Bruce suggested :

  • Exhaustion – Black Licorice Extract
  • Hunger – Bruce adds a piece of a candy bar (a small piece!) and places it in his tea
  • Insomnia – Bryce practices deep breathing while counting backwards by increments of 7.
  • When your feeling cranky – Bruce does something nice for somebody else.  He said that doing nice things for others releases endorphins within yourself and you feel better.

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