Dr Oz, Health Risk Of Too Much Calcium, Food Sources, Dosage

Dr. Oz Talks about The Best Food Sources of Calcium and The Risks of Taking Too Much Calcium

Is it possible to ingest too much calcium?  Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Tanya Edwards about new research that suggests that taking too much calcium can increase your risk for a heart attack. So, how much is too much?  Dr. Oz gives out new calcium recommendations and what are the best calcium rich food sources.

Health Risks Of Taking Too Much Calcium

Dr. Oz explained to the audience about how calcium is a mineral that is essential for bone health.  However, recent studies suggest that too much calcium can be putting your health at risk.  Dr. Tanya Edwards said that calcium is essential for performing many functions within your body.  She also said that women are always being told that they should be getting more calcium either through their diet or through supplementation.  Consuming too much calcium can actually cause more harm than good.  The reason for this is because when you take too much calcium it needs somewhere to go.  What doesn’t end up in the bones may end up in your arteries which can increase your risk for cardiac arrest.Should You Get Your Calcium From Food Or Supplements?According to Dr. Tanya Edwards calcium is absorbed easier when we get it from the food that we eat.  It is also processed and used by our body easier than if you take calcium in supplement form.  When you take calcium through supplements it has to go through a process to be used by the body.  Here are some calcium rich foods that your body can process easily :

    • Non fat greek yogurt (plain) – Only 8 ounces of plain non fat greek yogurt contains 415 milligrams
    • Collard greens – Just 1 cup contains 350 milligrams
    • Canned salmon – 3 oz contains 350 milligrams.  Dr. Tanya Edwards recommends breaking down the bones in canned salmon because that is where most of the calcium lies.

White beans – Just 1 cup of white beans contains 100 mg of calcium

Dr. Oz Recommendation Guidelines For Calcium Supplementation

Dr. Oz said that the best way to get calcium is through your diet and the foods that you consume.  However, if you do not feel that you are getting enough calcium he made the the following suggestions :

    • Don’t take more than 600 milligrams when taking a calcium supplement
    • Take 400 milligrams of magnesium

Take 1000 mg of Vitamin D3+

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