Dr Oz, Hidden and Banned Chemicals In Our Food, Company Loopholes

Dr. Oz Talks About Hidden Chemicals In Our Food On His Thursday January 30, 2013 Episode

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Dr. Oz Talks About Hidden Chemicals In Our Food

You may think that you are preparing healthy meals for you and your family but you may be surprised at what you find out on the Dr. Oz January 30, 2013 episode.  Food that you “think” is safe for your kids may be filled with hidden chemicals that are even banned in other countries.  On Thursday’s show Dr. Oz is going to expose what these hidden chemicals are and how companies get away with putting banned chemicals in our food.

If other countries have banned certain chemicals how in the world are they still allowed to be in our food in America?  Well, there are loopholes that companies are using and Dr. Oz is going to reveal how these companies are getting away with this.  Raising awareness is a key step in making sure that the food that we feed our children is safe.  Make sure you tune in to the 1-29-2013 episode to educate yourself about hidden chemicals found in our food and what you can do to protect your family from these banned chemicals.

Unsafe Chemicals In Our Food Industry

Do you feel like you have been duped when you purchase food that you think is safe may actually be harmful to you and your family.  Dr. Oz will have experts in the industry talk about the loopholes that companies use to continue to use banned chemicals in our food.  One expert goes as far to say that these chemicals shouldn’t even be allowed in our drinking water!

This is a must see episode so you can educate yourself to the dangers of hidden food chemicals.  If they are banned in other countries around the world we should know why and what we can do to discourage this from happening in the future.  In case that you will be unable to watch the January 29, 2013 episode make sure that you Like “Fans Of Dr. Oz” On Facebook to receive short summaries and show recaps to stay up to date on all pertinent information that is discussed on the show..  Chime in and tell us what you think as well!