Dr Oz, Homemade Ranch Dressing, Turkey Burger Hungry Girl Recipes

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Lisa Lillien (Hungry Girl) Solve Your Biggest Food Frustrations on Dr. Oz

Every time you turn around Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien is appearing on Dr. Oz to share more of her time saving and calorie cutting cooking tips.  The reason Lisa keeps appearing on Dr. Oz is due to popular demand.  Her tips are so simple and practical that even the busiest of families can utilize her tips to live a healthier lifestyle.  During this segment on the show Hungry Girl shares tips on how to make “burger night” more healthy, her homemade ranch dressing recipe, how to make a “satisfying” salad, and how chickpeas make a great snack that has that “crunch” factor that many of us crave from time to time.

Turkey Burger Recipe, Hungry Girl Style

Dr. Oz talked to a woman who said that she wants to make “burger night” healthier but her family has found that turkey burgers are dry and without enough flavor.  Well, this problem was right up Lisa’s alley.  Here is her turkey burger recipe to solve this woman’s frustration.

Lisa Lillian made the following suggestions when preparing your turkey burger to make it moist and full of flavor :

  • Choose lean ground turkey
  • Add 1/2 cup of frozen vegetables (chopped) and egg whites to the turkey
  • Instead of using ketchup (loaded with sugar) add salsa

Homemade Ranch Dressing by Lisa Lillien

    • Mix 1 packet of ranch dressing with low fat Greek yogurt

Add a little milk to the dressing and that’s all there is too it!  There will be fewer calories and less saturated fat.

Chickpeas Make A Great Snack Option With A “Crunch”

Some people love snacks that have a crunch, but potato chips and snacks of that sort aren’t a healthy option.  Instead of potato chips Hungry Girl suggested snacking on roasted chick peas.  She said that they are high in fiber and can be found in health food stores.

How To Make A Satisfying Salad

While most people understand the health value of a salad, many people complain that their salad isn’t “satisfying”.  Lisa Lillian made the following suggestions to make your salad more satisfying so you will be more eager to eat them in the future.

  • Sprinkle some high fiber breakfast cereal over your salad.  They are low in calories and the fiber will help to fill you up.

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