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Dr. Oz : Common Ailment Remedies For Sunburns, Colds, Bad Breath & Bunion Risks

The New Years Eve Dr. Oz episode talks about remedies for common problems like congestion, colds, sunburns and bad breath.  He also talks about the serious risks associated with bunion surgery..  He talks about treatments and remedies for bunions and whether surgery should be an option for you. Here are the summaries and links provided for each December 31 episode.

Homemade Remedies For Congestions, Bad Breath, Colds, and Sunburn

Dr. Oz asked doctors to share their all time favorite remedies for common health problems that most of us suffer from on occassion.  They talked about remedies to treat sinus congestion, colds, sunburns and more. During this segment they share :

  • A Shower Soother Bar as a Remedy for colds and sinus congestion
  • “Doctored Chicken Soup” – This chicken soup recipe shared by a doctor contains ingredients that attacks bacterial and viral fighting ingredients.

Sunburn, Colds, Congestion and Bad Breath Remedies shared on the Dr. Oz December 31, 2013 episode.

The Dangers of Bunions and the Risk Factors of Bunion Surgery

Dr. Oz said that more than 50 percent of women will experience bunions at some point in their life.  Not only are they common, they can be painful and serious if not treated promptly.  Dr. Oz invited Marilyn Milian (Peoples Court judge) on to the show to share her story of her bunion problems, the surgery she went through, and if she recommends others to have bunion surgery as well.

Bunion surgery is painful and can take up to 8 weeks to recover.  Would you consider having bunion surgery?  Find out what Marilyn and Dr. Oz have to say about this subject and whether this type of surgery would be something that you would consider having done.
Bunion Surgery Risks, Toe Exercises, Exostectomy Surgery Procedure

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