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Homeopathic Medicine To Treat Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Bruising, and Swelling

Today’s Dr. Oz show was about clean foods to detox and how to treat ailments using homeopathic remedies.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Scott Stall talked to Dr. Oz about homeopathic treatments for those suffering from insomnia, pain, stress, bruising, and swelling.  Treat your remedies in a gentle, safe, and effective way.  Also be sure to check out the prior segment when Dr. Oz talks with Lisa Samet about homeopathic remedies to treat fevers, colds, sinus infections, flu, indigestion, and more.

Is Homeopathic Medicine Right For You?

Dr. Oz said that conventional doctors aren’t taught homeopathic medicine in medical school but more and more doctors are being educated on the benefits that homeopathic treatments can offer.  During this segment Dr. Oz brought on three doctors who say the success rate of homeopathic treatments are so high that they are using these methods with their patients.  Here are homeopathic remedies that they suggested on today’s show.

“Rescue Remedy” For Stress

dr oz, stress remedy, rescue remedy

Homeopathic Remedies For Stress, Sleep, and Pain on Dr. Oz

Nearly all of us has stress and it’s impossible to avoid. However, there is a homeopathic remedy that helps to alleviate stress and it is called Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is derived from a group of flowers that have been known to ease stress and anxiety. It is safe for children and adults. It comes in sprays, pastilles, and gum.

Treat Pain With Biopuncture

Dr. Karlene Chinquee believes in a homeopathic remedy that she says offers her patients relief from aches and pains without the use of harsh chemicals or prescription drugs.  She said that Biopuncture is derived from plants and stimulates your bodies healing ability.  She said that she has successfully used Biopuncture in all areas of the body.  She said that many of her patients found this remedy to be more effective than other conventional methods that they have tried.  Biopuncture is an injection (takes 3-6 sessions).  Dr. Chinquee says that you will experience reduced swelling and more mobility.

Guna Sleep For Insomnia

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Scott Stoll (pain management specialist) on to the show to talk about his patients who have trouble sleeping because they are experiencing pain.  Dr. Stoll was a former olympic bobsled team member who helps a lot of athletes and moms who are experiencing pain and insomnia.  He said that Guna Sleep helps his patients get a restorative nights sleep.  He said that Guna Sleep has been so effective that many of his patients have been able to get off of their sleep medications which often have undesirable side effects.

How much and when to take Guna Sleep :

  • Take 20 drops under the tongue 20 minutes before going to bed

You can buy Guna Sleep for approximately $23 online.

Arnica Reduces Swelling, Bruising, and Pain

Dr. Albert Levy told Dr. Oz that he uses homeopathic remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine to patients.  One remedy that he recommends to his patients is Arnica to help reduce swelling, bruising, and pain.  He said that is speeds up the recovery from the bruising that takes place after people have surgeries.  He also suggest Arnica on a daily basis for patients who are experiencing bruising and swelling.  You can buy arnica over the counter and it is inexpensive.

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