Dr Oz Homeopathic Remedy Kit, Detox Foods To Lose LBs With No Exercise

Dr. Oz July 11 : Homeopathic Remedy Kit for Flu, Sinus, Colds – Detox Foods To Lose 10 LB’s in 10 Days

The Doctor Oz July 11th show is actually a repeat from earlier in the season.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of some outstanding health related information.. Dr. Oz will be talking about homeopathic remedies as well as a 10 day detox diet that will help you shed 10 pounds in only 10 days!  Here are the links to the main segments that appeared on the show.

Homepathic Remedies, Guna Sleep, Rescue Remedy For Stress, Pain Bruising, and Swelling

Dr. Oz discusses homepathic remedies during this segment.  He talks about how Guna Sleep can help to cure your insomnia, biopuncture for pain, rescue remedy for stress, arnica for bruising and swelling, and much more.

Read the full episode about Homeopathic Pathic Remedies To Cure Insomnia, Stress, Swelling, Pain, and more.

Homeopathic Remedy Kit To Cure Colds Flu, Fevers

Dr. Oz talks about homeopathic remedies that will help to cure the flu, digestive problems, sinus infections, congestion, indigestion, and more!  Homeopathy has been around for hundreds of years.  In fact, Dr. Oz said that his family has been using homeopathic remedies for three generations now..  Dr. Oz talks about the homeopathic remedies gelsium, nux vomica, plulsatilla, phosphorus, belladonna, and more..  Fight off sickness without resorting to prescription medications!

Homeopathic Remedy Kit To Cure Colds, Flu, Sinus, Fevers

Dr. Oz Detox Diet Plan To Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercise

Sound too good to be true?  Dr. Oz will be talking about a detox plan that will help you to lose weight quickly and improve your health dramatically at the same time.  The best part is that you can do the detox without even adding any exercise to your routine.  During this episode Dr. Oz talks about the 10 foods that will detox your body and help you shed 10 pounds.  In just one month’s time you will be fitting back into all your clothes that are sitting in the back of your closet!

10 Foods To Eat On The 10 Day Detox

Detox Diet Recipes

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger will be sharing recipes from the 10 days to lose 10 pounds detox diet plan on the show.  Eliminating foods that are bad for your digestive system is the best way to speed up the detoxing process.  Find out how to make a delicious detox smoothie, fish taco, and shepherd’s pie to help you lose weight fast while cleansing your body at the same time.

Detox Smoothie, Fish Taco, Shepherd Pie, Smoothie Recipes

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