Dr Oz Homeopathic Sleep & Stress Remedies, Clean Detox Program & Recipes

Dr Oz : Homeopathic Remedies For Indigestion, Flu, Colds, Sinus – Clean Detox Program

On March 22, 2015 Dr. Oz talks about natural homeopathic remedies to treat common ailments that affects every household.  Treat colds, flu, sinus infections, fever, indigestion, heartburn, sleeping problems, and coughs using homeopathic remedies such as belladonna, phosphorus, gelsemium, plulsatilla, guna sleep, and nux vomica.  Dr. Oz also features segments to talk about the “Clean Detox” recipes & a program that can help you to lose 10 sizes and 40 pounds!  Here are the segments that were featured during today’s March 22, 2015 Dr. Oz show :

Homeopathic Treatments For Common Household Ailments

Homepathic Treatments For Fevers, Colds, Sinus Infections, Fever, Indigestion, Heartburn – Nearly all of us have experienced some or all of these ailments during our lives.  Homeopathic treatments  use  highly diluted substances that cause a particular ailment so your body can effectively cure you of the same ailment that is affecting you.  Find out how Belladonna (for fevers), phosphorus (for chest coughs), gelsemium (for flu), plulsatilla (for sinus infections), and nux vomica (for heartburn) can cure you of the same ailments that over the counter medications can not.  OTC medications often carry significant side effects and really only cover up the symptoms and may even prolong your sickness.

Homeopathic Remedies For Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety

Rescue Remedy, Guna Sleep For Stress and Sleeping Problems – Do you often find yourself stressed out or unable to fall or stay asleep at night?  Check out how homeopathic medicine may help you.  Read how Guna Sleep has proven to be so effective that many people are able to get off of their sleep medications for good!  Rescue Remedy has been a time tested proven homeopathic remedy to ease your stress and anxiety!

Clean Detox Program and Recipes To Detoxify Your Body &  Lose Weight

Dr Oz Clean Detox Foods – Wouldn’t everyone like to lose 10 lbs in just a month?  Following Dr. Oz Clean Detox program you can.  Here are the foods that Dr. Oz mentions on the Clean Detox program that will help you lose weight while detoxing your body at the same time.  He also has a list of 10 foods you should avoid while doing the clean detox.

Clean Detox Smoothie Recipe, Shepherd’s Pie, Fish Taco, and Salsa – Now that you know what foods that you should and shouldn’t eat while doing the clean detox diet, here are some recipes that feature the detox foods that will help you feel and look better in no time!  All of these recipes have easy to find ingredients and simple to follow directions.

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