Dr Oz, Horse Meet In Beef Europe Beef Supply, Is US Meat Safe?

Horse Meat Found In 21 European Countries, Russia, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic – Is The US Food Supply Safe?

Dr Oz, horsemeat scandal in europe

Dr Oz Talks About The Horse Meat Scandal in Europe & Whether It Can Spread Into The U.S.

Has it ever crossed your mind that horse meat could be mixed in with the ground beef while your shopping at your local grocery store?  Dr. Oz raised this question because of the shocking events that have occurred in 21 countries throughout Europe as well as various other countries around the world.  Is it possible that horse meat could find it’s way into the United States beef supply?  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment on what animal meat labels such as “Cage Free”, “Grass Fed”, and “Free Range” really mean.  Find out which labels are worth spending extra money on and which are buzz words meant to fool the consumer.

Horse Meat Scandal Spreading Throughout Europe

Dr. Oz said that back in January of this year beef packages that were labeled 100 percent beef actually contained 29 percent horse meat in Ireland.  By February of this year horse meat was found in various meat products in 21 countries all throughout Europe.  The really scary part is that this horse meat fraud wasn’t contained to just Europe.  This scandal has since spread to Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, and Russia.

How USDA Meat Inspections Try To Prevent Meat Fraud

Dr. Oz invited Scott Heard on to the show to talk about how steps the U.S.D.A takes to prevent meat fraud.  Scott Heard explained to Dr. Oz that an inspector from the U.S.D.A examines all of the meat before it is allowed to be labeled.  He said that there is a meat inspector supervising the entire processing of labeling meat products before they ever get to our grocery stores.

Two Companies Are Vying For Slaughterhouses In The U.S.

Could it be possible that in today’s modern era that the United States to have horse slaughterhouses?  Two large companies are pushing to make this happen.  Patty Lovera said that in this country people are concerned about animal and horse welfare and wouldn’t think that this would be a humane thing to do.  She said that this creates a political and cultural divide between the opposing side that thinks that horse slaughterhouses could be done humanely.  Scott Heard chimed in to say that horse slaughterhouses from the past were to provide meat products for the European products rather than American consumers.

Dr. Oz said that horse meat is safe to eat if it’s processed properly.  However, he strongly feels that we all should have the right to be made aware of what we are eating.  When a label says that it’s beef you should be assured that you are eating beef and mislabeling beef products is wrong.

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