Dr Oz How Healthy Are You Quiz, Endometriosis Signs, Omega 3 Scams

Dr. Oz : How Healthy Are You Quiz & Warning Signs For Endometriosis

Today, Dr. Oz will be inviting all of the audience and viewers at home to take his “How Healthy Are You Quiz”.  He will be asking simple yes or no questions about your diet and health. You will give yourself a certain amount of points (or no points at all) for each question that he asks.  Find out how healthy you really are by the lifestyle choices that you are making on a day to day basis!

Other episode segments will include :

Endometriosis Warning Signs

Endometriosis affects many women all throughout the country.  While everybody experiences pain from time to time there are some warning signs that you should be on the look out for.  Dr. Oz will be talking about a “Pain intensity scale” and endometriosis & kidney stone warning signs that all women should be aware of.  If you have concerns about Endometriosis be sure to tune in to Dr. Oz’s May 30, 2013 episode!

Omega 3’s Scam & The Differences Between DHA Omega 3’s and ALA Omega 3’s

Dr. Oz will be discussing various Omega 3 scams that are likely occurring in a grocery store near you.  Dr. Oz will be exposing various tactics that companies use to rip off the consumer.  Find out everything to know about which Omega 3’s are right for you and what food sources you should be eating to get a healthy amount of Omega 3’s in your diet.

Dr. Oz also talks about the differences between ALA Omega 3’s and DHA Omega 3’s.Brand Name Versus Generic DrugsThe Pharmacy can be a confusing place.  Dr. Oz will be inviting Pharmacist Suzy Cohen on to the show to help you better understand your next trip to the grocery store.  There are many ways in which drugstores are ripping you off in the cold and flu aisles.

Dr. Oz and Suzy Cohen will also be talking about brand name and generic drugs.  They will be talking about how you may be receiving unnecessary prescriptions.  Find out all you need to know so your next drugstore purchases will be made with informed decisions.

  • Guests appearing on the May 30, 2013 Dr. Oz program : Dr. Laura Berman & Suzy Cohen

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