Dr Oz, How Long Gum Stay In Stomach, Penn & Teller Medical Myths

Penn and Teller Debunk Medical Myths With Dr. Oz

World Famous illusionists Penn and Teller entertained the fans and viewers as they helped Dr. Oz debunk commonly held medical myths.  They opened up the show with Penn sawing Teller in half and then revealing how they do the trick.  Teller was squeezed into the top half of the box and Dr. Oz was laying in the compartment underneath with his feet hanging out.  Penn and Teller then performed magic to help Dr. Oz debunk medical myths such as “Does Gum Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years?”, and “Is Memory Loss Inevitable?”

Myth #1 Does Gum Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years

chewing gum, dr oz

Dr. Oz talks about how long chewing gum actually stays in your stomach.

Penn and Teller used an apple, needles, and a long piece of string to help debunk this myth that has been around for years.  Dr. Oz held an apple with 100 long needles stuck in it.  Teller removed about 30 of the needles and then stuck them in his mouth and “seemingly” swallowed them.  Teller then removed more needles and swallowed them.  He then put the six foot long string into his mouth and then swallowed the string..  He then “belched” and stuck his finger in his mouth. He removed the string with all the needles that he “swallowed” attached to the string.

So on to the myth about how long gum stays in the stomach.  Dr. Oz said that for most people gum only stays in the stomach for 30-120 minutes.  Dr. Oz said that gum has an insoluble base so you can’t digest it, and it doesn’t stick to your intestinal walls so it just comes out in your poop.

Does The G-Spot Really Exist and Where Is It?

Penn and Tell did another magic trick using cups and balls to demonstrate this question through magic.  They place the balls on top of the cups and then remove one which reappears under one of the cups.  So, what does that have to do with a woman’s pleasure zone and where it is located?  Dr. Oz said that there is a pleasure zone and it is located 1-2 inches inside a woman’s anatomy before the uterus.

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