Dr Oz, How To Avoid GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Seafood Labeling

Dr. Oz On How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Today Dr. Oz did a segment on Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) and how you can limit or avoid consuming GMO’s.  Dr. Oz invited Co-CEO Walter Robb of Whole Foods on to the show to talk about their plan to require all foods that contain GMO’s to be labeled as such by the year 2018.  While that is positive news, what do you do until 2018 if you do not want you or your family to eat genetically modified foods until then?  Listed below are some guideline tips that will help you reduce the amount of GMO foods you are consuming in your diet.  You may also want to check out the prior segments on energy drinks and a sugary drink ban in New York City.

  • Eat Organic – Look for the green and white “USDA Organic Seal” on the package.  By law foods that are truly organic cannot contain any GMO’s.
  • Foods With A Reduced Chance Of Containing GMO’s – Wheat, quinoa, and grass fed animals
  • Avoid these foods – Canola, corn, zucchini, soy, and sugar beets (unless you buy them organic)
  • Use these cooking oils – Olive oil and / or safflower oil instead of other oils which are more likely to contain GMO’s.
  • Look for voluntary labeling seals. – Some companies voluntarily add labels stating that they use non GMO foods.  Look for a label that says “Non GMO Project Verified”.

Whole Foods Will Not Sell Seafood Containing GMO’s

CEO of Whole Foods has announced that they will no longer sell any seafood that contains any GMO’s.  He said that Whole foods will also not sell any genetically modified poultry or meat as well once all of the standards have been approved.  Dr. Oz said that this is an important step that has been made by Whole Foods and he hopes that other big grocery store chains will jump on board and require their foods to require all foods that contain GMO’s to be labeled.  Dr. Oz believes that all of us have an a right to know what our families are consuming.  He said that the best thing we can do as consumers is to make a statement each time we go to the grocery store by the products that we purchase.

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