Dr Oz How To Prevent Sepsis Infection & Are Dairy Products Unhealthy?

Dr. Oz Talks About How You Can Prevent Sepsis & If Dairy Products May Not Be Healthy

On April 19, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about Sepsis and how an ordinary infection can quickly turn into a life threatening situation.  So, what is Sepsis?  It is a life threatening illness that causes an entire body reaction to an infection.  It causes the body’s immune system to go on overdrive, causes inflammation, and can even cause organ failure.  After watching this episode (on 4-19-2013) you may never look at a small little cut on your finger the same way.  This is a very important episode that everyone should watch. Kids (and adults alike) are frequently getting little nicks and cuts that we never consider to be serious.  Dr. Oz will be talking about how Sepsis is not to be taken lightly and what you can do to prevent Sepsis from ever affecting you, your family, or loved ones.  This is a must see episode to learn how to prevent this rogue bacteria putting your health at serious risk.

Sepsis Dangers

Dr. Oz will be talking to a family who had a young child who a little cut on his leg.  This rogue bacerial infection (that can attack anyone at any age) ultimately caused the young boy to lose his wife and leave his family devastated.  This is a flesh eating bacteria that is very hard to treat and can kill you.  Be sure to set your DVR’s for this episode. It could save your (or your kids) life!  If you won’t be able to tune in to the April 19, 2013 show consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show recaps and summaries so you won’t miss out on any of the topics discussed on the show.

Is Dairy Bad For You?

You grew up thinking that milk and dairy products was good for you right? Did you ever think that dairy could be unhealthy?  Dr. Oz will be exposing the truth about dairy and how it can be bad for some people’s health.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about a diet plan to go dairy free.  He will also be talking about “healing” foods so you can quickly improve your health.

Special guest to be on the Dr. Oz show on April 19th – Dr. Leigh Vinocur