Dr Oz, How To Remove A Tick, What Lyme Disease Looks Like, Symptoms

Dr. Oz Talks About What Lyme Disease Looks Like and How To Remove A Tick

Summertime fun is in full swing and families are out enjoying the outdoors.  Unfortunately, will all the wonderful outdoor activities also increases your chances of getting bit by a tick.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Clifford Bassett to talk about what lyme disease looks like, what are the symptoms to be looking out for, and how you should remove of tick of one bites you.  Also be sure to check out the followup segment on mosquito bite treatments and natural bug repellents.

Dr. Bassett said that mild winters in combination with a lot of rain during the spring season can bring about large populations of mosquitos and ticks..  He said that they are are coming earlier in the season than ever before so you should make sure that you are prepared to combat bug bites that can lead to infections (such as lyme disease from tick bites).What Does Lyme Disease Look LikeMost of the time that you get bitten by a tick it doesn’t lead to Lyme Disease.  However, you shouldn’t ignore a tick bite and you should know what lyme disease looks like.

A tick bite will usually look small and red, but a tick carrying lyme disease will have a red spot and rings will appear around it like a bullseye (this appearance occurs in 85 percent of people who get Lyme’s Disease).How To Remove A TickDr. Clifford Bassett and Dr. Oz talks about what is the best way to remove a tick after it has bitten you.  Dr. Bassett says that the longer that tick that is carrying lyme disease is attached to your body the greater chances of you getting infected with the disease.   Here are the recommendations that Dr. Bassett gave on how to remove a tick :

How To Remove A Tick That Has Bitten You

    • Do not burn a tick because it forces more of it’s poison in to you
    • Petroleum jelly works but the process takes too long
    • Use tweezers and grasp the head of the tick and slowly pull.  Be sure not to leave any of the tick still inside your skin.
    • Clean the tick bite after it has been removed

Dr. Bassett said that you should keep the tick that has bitten to and take it to your local health department to be analyzed for Lyme Disease

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