Dr Oz, How To Save Overcooked Chicken, Sour Cream Recipe by Rocco

Sour Cream Recipe by Rocco Dispirito on Dr. Oz

If your like me in the kitchen nothing seems to turn out like it is supposed to.. You are distracted with the kids, or the phone rings, you didn’t set the timer on the oven, etc… etc.. etc…. Today Dr. Oz invited expert Chef Rocco Dispirito on to the show to offer you tips on how to save overcooked chicken and make healthy meals taste great!  He also shares his “Healthy” sour cream recipe so you can indulge in your favorite condiments in a healthier way with much less guilt.

How To Save Overcooked Chicken

Have you over baked a chicken to the point where it is dry and lacking any real flavor?  Rocco explained to Dr. Oz that people usually don’t season the chicken until after it has been baked.  He said there there are some tips that you should remember so you can save overcooked chicken  and bring it back to life.

Rocco said that the first thing you have to do is to cut the overcooked chicken into thin slices so you can re-moisten it.  He said that you should slice the chicken against the grain and then shred into small pieces.  Now you need to remoisten the chicken by adding vegetables and stir fry sauce (you can also use salsa).  Rocco Dispirito mentioned using sugar free teriyaki sauce.  Cook for 8 minutes and then serve over brown rice with radicchio lettuce.

How To Rescue Burnt Sauce

I think we have all did this before.  Rocco Dispirito said that to rescue burnt sauce you shoudn’t stir it because you will mix the bad burnt sauce with the sauce that is still good.  Simply remove the pan from heat and pour the sauce that is on the surface into a container. Make sure that you don’t scrape the pan to get the sauce out because you may remove the burn sauce along with the sauce that can still be used.

Healthy Sour Cream Recipe – By Rocco Dispirito

sour cream recipe, dr oz, rocco dispirito

Healthy Sour Cream Recipe by Rocco Dispirito

Rocco explained to Dr. Oz that you can transorm almost any unhealthy dish or condiment into something more healthy by using healthy ingredient alternatives.  Traditional sour cream contains loads of fat and calories.  Try using alternative ingredients by following this “healthy sour cream recipe!”

  • Swap in 1 cup of cottage cheese for 1 cup of sour cream
  • Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • Blend on high

Rocco said that the taste is very similar and the only difference that you notice is very subtle.  However, you will be saving yourself a HUGE amount of fat and calories.  How much do you save?  A tradition sour cream recipe has 30  calories and 5 grams of fat per serving (1 tablespoon).  Rocco Dispirito’s sour cream recipe only has 10 calories and 0 grams of fat!


How To Save A Bad and Inedible Meatloaf?

A viewer of Dr. Oz said that she often can’t get her kids to eat the meals that she cooks for them.  In come Rocco Dispirito to save the day.  Rocco gave her a tip on how to save a bad meatloaf and turn it into  delicious Bolognese sauce.  Here are some of the tips that he gave on the show.

  • Spice up the meatloaf using herbs and spices.  This doesn’t add any calories and will help to make the food taste better
  • Crumble up the meatloaf
  • Add a can of tomatoes (chopped without any added sugar or fat)
  • Break up some lasagna noodles into small pieces and cook up some lasagna noodles as directed on the box.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and serve.  The “bad” meatloaf has been saved!