Dr Oz, HPV Test, Cervical Cancer, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dr Oz Talks About HPV Tests, Cervical Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

Do you know what the symptoms are of cervical cancer are? (if any). Should you be worried about HPV?  What kind of treatment options do you have if you are diagnosed with HPV?  Today, Dr. Oz talks about the human papilloma virus and what you should know.

Dr. Oz invited some experts in the field of HPV on to the show. Information is power educating yourself could save somebody’s life that you love!  A guest physician, Dr. Diane Harper (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine), said that HPV lives in skin cells near the body’s surface.  The most concerning are those that infect the genital areas.

Symptoms of HPV

Dr Oz, HPV Test, HPV Symptoms

Dr. Oz Talks About HPV, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Could you be infected with HPV and not even realize it?  Yes, you sure can.. The reason is that there are few symptoms associated with Human Papilloma Virus. Dr. Oz said that married couples who are monogamous should also be aware of the risks for HPV and cancers associated with the virus.

An OB/GYN, Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that education amongst men and women should be a top priority.. In her practice she deals with HPV every day.

The only way to diagnose if you are infect with HPV is to have a pap test or HPV test.  If you are infected what treatment options are available?

Dr. Oz did a video animation on stage demonstrating how oral, anal, and vaginal contact can put you at risk for human papilloma virus.  Even skin to skin contact during “heavy petting” could put you at risk for transmission of the virus.

How Long Does It Take for HPV to Cause Cervical Cancer?

Over time the cells can begin to overproduce which can lead to Cervical Cancer.  Dr. Oz displayed an image of what a real cervix looks like.  He said that not even a medical doctor in the field can tell just by looking at a photo if you have human papilloma virus.

Dr. Oz made an analogy comparing HPV to a dormant volcano.  He said that it could lay dormant for years before it erupts into cancer.

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