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Dr. Oz Show : Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien’s Quick and Easy Grab N Go Essentials

Dr. Oz invited back one of his most popular guests of all time, Lisa Lillien (Hungry Girl author and creator) on to his show to talk about her new book “Hungry Girl, To The Max“, healthy recipes, and tips to enjoy your food with less calories.  Lisa loves to eat, but she has found a way to eat and not gain any weight.. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, just see how many calories she saved on her “Chicken Artichoke Chicken Recipe,”  that she shared with Dr. Oz today.  Here are the highlights of the “Easy Grab and Go” segment during today’s show.

Hungry Girls Bible

Dr. Oz asked Lisa Lillien what was her motivation behind her book that Dr. Oz called “The Hungry Girls Bible”.  Lisa said that this is her sixth book and she wanted “To The Max” to be the biggest and best one to date.  She said that this book covers everything imaginable.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail parties, etc…..  Eat to your hearts content and still be able to fit into your clothes.. Ok, I’m listening…

Lisa told Dr. Oz that people often say that they don’t have time to cook and use this rationale as an excuse.  When they do shop they make mistakes and choose the wrong items.  Dr. Oz sent Lisa Lillien to the grocery store to surprise some unsuspecting shoppers to offer them some quick, fast, and easy shopping solutions.

Frozen Veggies In Center Aisles

While shopping the perimeter of a grocery store may be the healthiest solution, the center aisle that contains the frozen vegetables offers a healthy and quick way to get your vegetables into your diet.

Lisa Lillien’s 5 Grab and Go Ingredients

Dr Oz, lisa lillien, hungry girl, grocery store essential ingredients

Lisa Lillien’s Grocery Store Ingredient Essentials

Dr. Oz called this segment Lisa’s 5 Grab and Go essentials.  When your a mom on the go and you don’t have time to spend a lot of time in the grocery store these 5 Grab and Go ingredients will not only save you time but calories as well.

  • Taco and Ranch Seasoning Packets – Lisa said that yes these packets are a little high in sodium, but a little pinch goes a long way when it comes to flavoring a meal.  Lisa says that she uses ranch packets for more than just Mexican dishes.  She also adds it to her high fiber cereals (I’ve never though of trying that!)  Try mixing the ranch mix with some reduced fat greek yogurt or reduced fat sour cream as a low calorie way to add flavor to your food.
  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables – The second Grab and Go Essential Lisa talked about was canned fruits and vegetables.  She said that you have to know which ones to by.. Make sure that the fruits and veggies are in a can that is in their own juice or packed in water.
  • Canned Crushed Tomatoes – This is a great way to get your tomato sauce without all the extra sugars that is in marinara and tomato sauces.
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – Almond milk has a longer shelf life than milk.  It also has fewer calories. In fact, unsweetened almond milk has half the calories of skim milk.  Only 40 calories for a half a cup!
  • Hot Cocoa Packets – Lisa Lillien said that she uses hot cocoa packets all the time.  Great way to get that chocolate fix without all the sugar and calories.