Dr Oz, Inside The Mind Of Theresa Caputo, Psychic Brain Scan

May 9, 2013 Topic : Dr. Oz Talks To Theresa Caputo About What Happens “Inside The Brain Of A Psychic”

Dr. Oz, Theresa Caputo, psychics mind

Dr. Oz performs an on stage experiment delving inside the mind of psychic Theresa Caputo.

Dr. Oz brought back the flamboyant and audience favorite Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium), to delve deep inside a psychic’s brain to find out what is really happening.  Dr. Oz will be performing an experiment on stage that is unprecedented and has never been done on television before.  Dr. Oz will be doing a brain scan on Theresa to find out what is going on inside her brain while she is practicing her psychic abilities.  Are you a believer? Will you be after the May 9, 2013 episode? Be sure to tune in to the show to find out.

Can The Long Island Medium Really Communicate With The Dead?

Are you skeptical about Theresa Caputo’s psychic abilities and can she really communicate with those who have passed on?  Dr. Oz admits that he was a skeptic, but something that Dr. Oz sees during the experimental brain scan was shocking to him.  Does Theresa really have any special abilities or is it all a scam?  Whether you are a believer of people who claim to have psychic abilities or not, this will be an episode that will be intriguing and thought provoking for sure.

Dr. Oz & Medical Experts Monitor Theresa Caputo’s Brain Activity

Dr. Oz will be inviting on a cast of experts who will monitor Theresa’s brain activity while she is communicating with the loved ones of audience members who have passed on.  Theresa claims that her psychic readings are all spontaneous and nothing is being scripted.

On Dr. Oz big screen video you will be able to see Theresa’s brain activity and Dr. Oz will be explaining to you what exactly you are seeing on the screen.  Will there be a difference in The Long Island Medium’s brain activity when she is communicating with someone who has passed away, than when she is communicating with the living in normal conversation?

Will medical science be able to prove or disprove a psychics ability?  Tune in to the May 9, 2013 show to find out!

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