Dr Oz Interviews Charlie Sheen, Talks About Arrests, Sex, Drugs

Dr. Oz March 21 2013 Topic : Charlie Sheen Interview On Dr. Oz

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Charlie Sheen Interview On Dr. Oz

On March 21 2013 Dr. Oz will be inviting the highly controversial actor / entertainer Charlie Sheen on to the show to talk about his life.  He will be talking about what he is up to today and his struggles with sex, prior arrests, drugs, and all of the other troubles that he has faced in the past.

Dr. Oz said that when he decided to sit down and do an interview with Charlie Sheen it sparked a backlash like he has never seen on his show before.  He said that there are two dynamically different opposing opinions about Dr. Oz’s decision to do this interview.  He said that one side totally “gets” Charlie Sheen while the opposing viewpoint can’t understand why Dr. Oz is giving any publicity to Charlie Sheen’s over the top antics that he is infamous for.  The opposing side believe that they are tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen and know everything they need or want to know about him or his lifestyle. However, Dr. Oz believes that as a doctor there is always room for healing so he decided to do this interview.  What do you think?  Have you heard all you have needed to hear about Charlie Sheen?  What ever side of the debate you lie on, the Dr. Oz March 21, 2013 episode promises to be a hot topic and should spark many heated conversations.

Why Is Charlie Sheen So Polarizing?

This will be one of the questions that Dr. Oz asks Charlie Sheen during the interview.  Charlie responds by saying that we live in a time where the entertainment industry is very vanity fueled.  Not only visually, but perception wise, and emotionally.  To hear more about what Charlie says you will have to be sure to tune into the Dr. Oz 3-21-2013 show.  Will Charlie say anything over the top about his “Tiger Blood” or will their be a more laid back Charlie Sheen who is ready to face his demons and live a more healthy lifestyle?  This show promises to deliver one of the most captivating interviews that has ever been on Dr. Oz so be sure to set those DVR’s to view all of the exciting exchanges between Dr. Oz and Charlie.

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