Dr Oz Interviews Duck Dynasty Cast, Megadose Vitamin Supplements

Dr. Oz Interviews The Cast Of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty has swept the nation as one of the most popular programs on television.  Everywhere you go you see “Duck Dynasty” t-shirts, coffe mugs, hats, etc….. etc….  It’s a good best that Duck Dynasty merchandise and apparel products will be a huge hit this upcoming holiday season.  Be sure to set your DVR’s because on September 16, 2013 the cast of Duck Dynasty will be joining Dr. Oz for an interview while the talk some “Quack” medicine.  This should be a fun filled program from beginning to end.  The latter half of the show Dr. Oz will be talking about megadose vitamins and what you should know.  Here are the segment previews of the upcoming 9-16-2013 show.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured from today’s show :

Dr. Oz Interview The Robertson Family From Duck Dynasty

You have likely seen the television program and have likely been amused at all of the hilarious antics that take place.  The Robertson family will be joining Dr. Oz on stage to talk about life, religion, food, health matters, and more.  The Robertson family made their millions from starting a business duck calls and other products for hunters (not to mention the millions they are making from their reality tv show!).  Dr. Oz will take you a bit deeper than what you get to experience from watching their show.  Find out more about their personalities and how they life during their everyday life and their secrets to happiness.

Megadose Vitamins and Supplement Recommendations

Should you take megadose vitamins, or should you not?  Well, that all depends on what article you read or what the latest study reveals.  Dr. Oz is going to shed some light on the subject of vitamins and give his recommendation on what kind of vitamins you should take and what dosage levels that you should be taking them.

Dr. Oz will be performing a few of his on stage demonstrations to help explain the controversy about vitamins so you can be better informed as a consumer.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about megadose vitamins and explain why that “more” always isn’t better.  If you are curious about vitamins and not sure about what you should be taking be sure to tune in to the Monday, September 16 television broadcast to find out.

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