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Dr. Oz Intuitive Healing & Perception – Can You Self Diagnose Yourself?

Today Dr. Oz brought John Kortum (medical intuitive) on to the show to talk about how you can use intuitive techniques to self diagnose yourself.  In today’s modern society does it make sense to use perceptive abilities to diagnose your ailments or should you rely on Western medicine to diagnose and treat the problem?

Some people say that John Kortum has psychic abilities but he says that he has no more psychic abilities than you or I.  He says that he relies on perception and clues that your body gives to diagnose ailments.  He says that you can use intuitive abilities along with perception and body clues to self diagnose what is wrong with you.

Dr. Oz, who is a heart surgeon went to traditional medical school and was never taught any of John Kortum’s techniques so John’s techniques were new to him as well.  John told Dr. Oz that he relies on the “language of the body” rather than the “language of science.”  He said that he can diagnose a patients illness even before they are tested medically.

Using Intuitive Perception To Diagnose An Illness

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Alan Tenczar (a podiatrist) on to the show to talk about his experiences using some of John Kortum’s techniques to diagnose an illness through body clues.  He said that when he is looking at patients feet he can look for signs which may indicate that they may have other ailments, such as thyroid disease.  If he perceives that they may have an illness (that is not related to the feet) he will frequently recommend that they see a doctor that specializes in the ailment that he feels that they may have.

Dr. Oz put John Kortum’s intuitive healing techniques to the test by inviting an audience member to the stage.  Before the show was aired Dr. Oz asked the audience participant to share her medical records with him.  John Kortum never had any access to the medical records before the show.  The woman came to the stage and John used his techniques of perception to diagnose any illnesses that she may have.  He said that she was generally healthy but some of his intuitive healing techniques gave him clues that she has some sort of an intestinal ailment.

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