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Treating Iron Deficiency Through Diet and Iron Supplements

Today, Dr. Oz did a segment talking about how Iron Deficiency is the #1 Reason Why We Feel Fatigued.  During this segment Dr. Oz talked with a nutritionist about how you can treat your iron deficiency in just one week for increased energy and vitality.  The nutritionist said that changing your diet is the easiest and simplest way to restore your iron to optimal levels and maintaining them.

Two Main Sources of Iron – Plants and Meat

The two main food sources to get iron are meats like chicken liver, lean red meat,   The nutritionist that was assisting Dr. Oz said that meat is absorbed 2 to 3 times easier than plant based iron.

Plants are another main food source for iron.  Beans, spinach, and broccoli are all great sources for iron.  Fortified cereals, raisins, and dried fruit can help to boost your iron levels.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods With Iron Rich Foods

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Treating Iron Deficiency Through Diet

Simply mixing Vitamin C rich foods with iron rich foods can help to increase the absorption of iron in your body. The gave some examples of combing certain foods to increase your vitamin absorption.

  • Mixing red peppers with spinach  (the red peppers will help to increase the iron absorption from spinach by 3 to 5 times!
  • Broccoli with tomatoes
  • Citrus with edamame

Cook With An Iron Skillet

Cooking with an iron skillet is another excellent way of boosting your iron levels to help ward off fatigue.  Cooking acidic foods in a skillet (like tomatoes) will help to leech some iron from the skillet into your meal.

Eat Clams

Clams are a food that you may not think of as being rich in iron but they are!  Consider using clam sauce on your pasta.

Limit Coffee and Tea

If you are feeling fatigued Dr. Oz said that you should limit coffee and tea for 3 hours prior to an iron rich meal.  The nutritionist on the show that this is because the “tannins” that are in coffee and tea can slow iron absorption.

Iron Supplements

Dr. Donnica Moore told Dr. Oz that diet alone may not be enough for certain people.   The people who might consider taking iron supplements would be :

  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • All menstruating females
  • Vegetarians and vegans

Who should avoid taking iron supplements?

  • Post menopausal women
  • Adult men

Iron Dosage

  • Menstruating women should be getting 18 milligrams per day


Calcium or antacids can reduce iron absorption in the body