Dr Oz, Iron Deficiency, Tampon Test, Ferritin Levels, Fatigue

Dr Oz : #1 Secret To Fight Fatigue – Iron Deficiency

Dr Oz, Iron Deficiency, Fatigue

Dr. Oz Talks About How Iron Deficiency Can Cause Fatigue

Do you feel like your drowning in quicksand as you struggle through the day?  Just putting one foot in front of the other is a chore because you feel so exhausted.  Despite the caffeine you had in the morning you still can barely make it past lunchtime without wanting to take a nap..  Does this sound like you?  Today, Dr. Oz talked about Iron Deficiency and how treating iron deficiency can be the #1 secret to fight fatigue.

Dr. Oz invited on a nutritionist and a doctor to talk about iron deficiency and how it can cause fatigue.  Dr. Donnica Moore said that iron plays a huge role in our bodies metabolic processes.  She said that iron manufactures hemoglobin which carries oxygen to our cells, so it is critically important in the battle against fatigue.

Women Who Are Menstruating At Highest Risk For Iron Deficiency

Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik said that women who are menstrating are at the highest risk for Iron Deficiency and fatigue is one of the first symptoms that you will notice.  When you menstrate you lose blood that contains iron.  If you have heavy periods then you are really at risk.

Iron Deficiency Tampon Test

One easy way to tell if you might be low on iron is to do the tampon test.  If you have to change your tampon within two hours means that you have heavy periods and are at a greater risk for being Iron Deficient.

Red Meat

Red meat contains a lot of iron.. Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik said that if you don’t eat red meat or only eat red meat on occasion you may also be susceptible to low iron counts in your red blood cells.

Dr Oz tested all the women on the show today to see how many were low in iron.  1/3 of the audience was iron deficient!

Why Low Iron Can Make You Feel Fatigued

Dr. Oz did a video demonstration to explain why having low iron counts can make you feel tired, lethargic, and without energy.  Iron is required for your cells to function normally and for you to make red blood cells.  Without red blood cells you can start to feel these symptoms

  • You get irritable
  • You can’t focus
  • You feel sluggish
  • Fatigue

Warning Signs For Iron Deficiency

  • You feel fatigued for over a month despite enough sleep
  • You always feel cold
  • Your skin looks more pale than usual
  • You can’t focus
  • Nails become brittle
  • You can lose hair

Dr. Oz said that if you just have one or more of these symptoms can mean that you are iron deficient.

Ferritin Levels

Dr. Oz not only checked the audience for iron levels.  They also checked their Ferritin levels.  You should be asking your doctor to check for Ferritin levels as well as just your iron counts.