Dr Oz, Is Soy Healthy Or Dangerous?, Good & Bad Soy Food Sources

Dr Oz : Is Soy Healthy or Dangerous? Good & Bad Soy Guidelines

Today Dr. Oz invited dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick on to the show to talk about whether soy is healthy or a dangerous health risk.  With conflicting research studies, Dr. Oz sets the record straight and talks about good and bad soy food sources.  Find out which soy food sources can reduce your cancer and heart disease risk.  Dr. Oz will be talking about soy food guidelines so you will know which products are healthy for you and which soy foods should be avoided.

Is Soy Healthy Or Dangerous?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding soy about any possible health risk or if it can even be dangerous to your health.  Dr. Oz spoke with a dietician named Kristin Kirkpatrick who said that soy is very good for you but there are some sources of soy that are much better than others.  Kristin said that most of the information about soy being bad for you is urban legend.  She said that much of what fuels this information is the fact that soy comes from soy estrogen.  She said that many people just associate soy estrogen to that of estrogen that is found in your body.  She said that plant estrogen and human estrogen is very different.

Whats The Difference Between Plant and Human Estrogen

Kristin Kirkpatrick explained the differences between plant and human estrogen.  Kristin said that plant estrogen is less potent than estrogen found in our bodies by far.  She said that plant estrogen is found in more foods than just soy.  She said that soy is found in healthy foods like green beans and peanuts.

Soy Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Drinking just 1 cup of soy milk or 1/2 cup of tofu daily can cut the risk of breast cancer by 30 percent a recent study says.  Kristin Kirkpatrick said that many people believe that soy may raise the risk of breast cancer but the opposite is true.  She also said that for women who have already had breast cancer eating soy on a regular basis will lower a woman’s risk of dying from the disease and it also lowers the risk of recurrence of the cancer.

Is Soy Good For The Heart?

Kristin Kirkpatrick explained to Dr. Oz that soy is indeed good for the heart because it is a good source of protein that is rich in fiber.  While recent studies seem to indicate that soy doesn’t lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol as much as once thought, it is still a much better choice than red or processed meats.

Is Soy Bad For Your Thyroid?

Kristin Kirkpatrick said that while soy doesn’t cause hypothyroidism it can pose a danger to those who are already on thyroid medication because it can affect your body’s ability to absorb your thyroid meds.  She also said that you can still eat soy but you shouldn’t eat any one to two hours before taking your medication to avoid any negative reaction.

Good and Bad Soy Food Sources

Another segment that’s featured on the Dr. Oz June 17, 2013 episode talks about about soy food guidelines for what foods are good sources for soy, and which are bad food sources for soy.

Good Food Sources

Tofu & Edamame – Very good food sources for soy because they are “whole soy”.   Whole soy is what is eaten in Japan and the kind that studies show had a decreased risk for breast cancer.

Tempeh – Tempeh is a fermented form of soy which helps to improve digestion.

Bad Food Sources

Soy Energy Bars – Kristin Kirkpatrick said that soy energy bars are one of the worst sources into your diet because they have refined flours and are loaded with sugar.  She also said you don’t know how much soy you are getting in soy energy bars.

Soy Burgers – Most soy burgers contain an ingredient called “soy protein”.  She said that “soy protein” is a processed form that is stripped of it’s nutrients.

Soy Chips – Kristin explained on Dr. Oz that soy chips really aren’t a good source either and said that they really aren’t that much better than eating potato chips.

Soy milk – Soy milk CAN be a good food source but you have to make sure what kind you are purchasing.  You should look for :

    • Whole bean milk
    • Avoid soy milk that has added sugars

Check the expiration date.  Avoid the soy milk products with long shelf lives because these have more additives.

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Guests Features On The Dr. Oz June 17, 2013 Episode (Monday) : Dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick, Dr. Jan Garavaglia (Dr. G)

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