Dr Oz, Is Whole Grain Healthier Than Multi-Grain? Take The Quiz

Multigrain or Whole Grain?  Which Is Better?  Take The Whole Grain Quiz On Dr. Oz

If you have browsed through the bread section of the grocery store and are clueless as to which breads are the healthiest, you aren’t alone!  During the prior segment Dr. Oz talks about which super grains are the healthiest and during this segment Dr. Oz discusses what to look for while your shopping in the bread section of your grocery store.  Is multi-grain or whole grain the healthiest option for you and your family? Read on to find out.

How To Read Whole Grain Food Labels

Dr. Oz said that shopping for whole grain breads can be confusing so it is important that you read the labels while shopping in the bread section.  Here are the tips & recommendations Dr. Oz gave during this segment of the show :

  • Look for a whole grain stamp on the packaging.  It will say “100% whole grain” on the stamp.
  • Look at the ingredients.  Whole grain should be the first ingredient listed.

Take The Whole Grain Quiz

  1. Which of these is a whole grain imposter?  Brown rice, bulgur, or bran?  Bran is not a whole grain and contains different nutrients as whole grain.  Bran is the outside portion of the whole grain.
  2. Which is the healthiest option? Whole grain, seven grain, or multi-grain? Dr. Oz said that “Whole Grain” is the healthiest option.  Multi-grain doesn’t mean that it’s healthier.  Dr. Oz said that in fact “Multi-Grain” is often a trap because not all grains are nutritionally beneficial to you.
  3. Which of the following contains whole grains? Oatmeal or a fiber bar?  Oatmeal is the correct answer.  Dr. Oz said don’t be fooled into believing that a product contains whole grains just because it say that it contains fiber on the package.

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