Dr Oz Isagenix Review, Social Media Diets – Legit or Scam? ITworks, 21 Day Fix

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If you Facebook feed looks anything like mine you have probably seen many social media diet ads as you scroll through your feed.  Today Dr. Oz spoke with Jenna Wolfe as she shared their review about exercise programs, social media diets and body wraps that she has seen on the internet.  Legit or scam?  Before you give in to your emotions after seeing “before and after” weight loss pictures on Facebook for social media feed be sure to do your research before parting with your money.

Is Isagenix Legit or a Scam? Does It Work?

Jenna Wolfe investigated Isagenix to see what she could find about this weight loss program.  She found many online groups, ads for shakes, before and after pictures but she couldn’t find scientific details on how Isagenix works to help you lose weight.  Maya Feller (nutritionist) said that while Isagenix may help you to lose weight, it is likely because it is based on a very low calorie restriction diet and you aren’t allowed to consumer much food.. (signing up to Isagenix means you have to buy shakes, supplements, etc…)

Dr. Oz Social Media Diet Review From His Viewers

Dr. Oz invited two women who both have tried Isagenix to help them lose weight.  Did it work?  The first woman was enthusiastic to give her testimony review and definitely feels that this diet plan is legit.  She lost 55 pounds in 4 months and went from a size 18 to a size 6.  She looked really good and said that Isagenix was a positive for her.

Another woman who gave her review on Dr. Oz feels that Isagenix caused her to break out in hives because of the niacin that is in a Isagenix food supplement.  She also believes that this caused her to develop thyroid problems. Dr. Oz said that he only found one scientific paper about niacin having an effect on thyroid function but he also didn’t dismiss her claims.  She did say that she lost 84 pounds while taking Isagenix but after developing thyroid problems and discontinuing Isagenix she gained all the weight back and more.  She said that it works if you take Isagenix for life but you will be forking out a lot of money.  She also mentioned that lifestyle changes would be needed if you wanted permanent, long term weight loss success.

What Other Social Media Diets Were Mentioned?

Jenna Wolfe investigated Facebook looking through online groups.  She researched Itworks Body Wrap  and Reboot system as well as the 21 Day Fix.  What she did see in anecdotal testimonies, she didn’t find much on scientific research to say if any of these diets work.  The 21 Day Fix is more of an extreme exercising program whereas Itworks belly wraps likely will only give you temporary results (only a cosmetic effect for a day or two, or even just a few hours)..

My conclusion – Dr. Oz mentioned at the beginning of the show that these trending diets flooding your social media feed are pulling in millions of dollars.  Fad diets or extreme exercise programs may work but it’s only because of calorie restriction, drastic reduction in carbs, or an intense workout regime that is much to hard for the average person to stay committed to on a long term basis.

So basically, save your money and try to learn how to make some dietary lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight and improve your overall health in the long term.  I have tried the Dr. Oz 21 Day Breakthrough Diet with success, so I do recommend his approach.. You learn to fill up on plant based proteins that keep you feeling full and satisfied.  With his plan I have lost weight and haven’t gained it back.  For me, I gained confidence with every few pounds that was shed when I stepped on the scale that I WANTED to add exercise to my changes in diet.  The result was an increase in weight loss, self confidence and happiness 🙂

Have you tried Isagenix, ITworks, or the 21 Day Fix System? Did you think they were a scam?  Did they work for you?  Please leave a review below so our viewers can hear REAL life testimonies rather than sales pitches from distributors or companies pitching their weight loss success stories in hopes that you will spend your hard earned money..

Please post the type of social media diet that you have tried and let us know if you feel it’s a scam or if it legitimately works.

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