Dr Oz January 8 2013 Health Related Funny Video Episode, Tom Bergeron

Hilarious Health Related Videos on Dr. Oz January 8, 2013

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Health Related Funny Videos On Dr Oz

On January 8, 2013 Dr Oz will be filling households all across the country with laughter pertaining to health related issues.  He is inviting the star host from America’s Funniest Home Videos, Tom Bergeron on to the show to bring you the funniest videos imaginable.  Keep the tissues close at hand because Dr. Oz, is staff, and Tom Bergeron has did their homework to find the funniest videos out in cyberspace.  Laughter is the best medicine so get ready to medicate yourself with non stop laughs on the January 8, 2013 Dr. Oz episode.

So, what kind of health related videos will you see?  You will see bodily function disasters, cosmetic “malfunctions”, medical bloopers, and much more.  If your sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, allow yourself one full hour of non stop laughs with America’s favorite and most beloved doctor.

 Dr. Oz Answers Health Related Questions From Kids

Dr. Oz frequently polls the viewers to find out all the questions that his viewers are most concerned about.  Well, January 8th’s episode will take a lighter side when he brings out the kids to ask Dr. Oz the questions that they have.  You just never know what the kids are going to come up with, but you can bet it will be hilarious!  What will the questions be? Bodily functions? Bodily sounds? Whatever the questions may be, the previews seemed to dictate that the show will be wild, wacky, and full of laughs.  So, make sure you have your DVR set to record Dr. Oz.. In case you missed the show be sure to come back to tvshowupdate.com to see the show recaps and find out everything that you missed out on.

Do You Like When Dr. Oz Does Wild and Wacky Shows?

What are your favorite types of Dr. Oz episodes?  Those dealing with diet and weight loss?  Those dealing with serious medical related issues? The wild, wacky, and embarrassing shows?  Let us know by leaving a comment!


The Funny Health Related Video Episode is set to air on January 8, 2013