Dr Oz, Jenny McCarthy Quit Smoking, Vicodin, Bed Wetting, Autism

Jenny McCarthy Interview With Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz interviewed actress and entertainer Jenny McCarthy on today’s October

Jenny McCarthy Dr Oz Interview, Jenny Mccarthy quit smoking

Dr. Oz Interview With Jenny McCarthy

15, 2012 episode.  Jenny talks about how her photo shoots with Playboy, her actress career, her use of vicodin, bed wetting as a child, and her activism work with autism.

Jenny McCarthy’s son was diagnosed with Autism and it has changed her life ever since.. She asked God that if he would teach her how to help her son with autism she would spend the rest of her live helping teach others to do the same.

Jenny McCarthy said that she once overheard two women talking about a Mormon blessing that helped their child with autism.  Jenny thought it was worth a try and told Dr. Oz “I have faith in people who have faith.”  She called the Mormon Tabernacle Church and some Mormons come to her home and blessed her son.  She said that it was a wonderful moment to exerience.

How Jenny McCarthy Quit Smoking

Jenny admitted to Dr. Oz that she picked up a lot of smoking in her childhood.  She said that her father smoked in the house and she gave in to peer pressure to “be cool” in the eight grade.  She carried this bad habit for over 15 years before she finally did quit.

So, how did Jenny McCarthy quit smoking?  She said that she just used “mind over matter” and kept telling herself that after three days the worst part would be over.  She is quite thankful that she quit and no longer has any temptation to smoke at all.  Dr. Oz said that many kids who start smoking in their teens continue to have cravings long after they have quit.  He asked her if she did anything to help with these cravings.  She said that she does bite her nails and didn’t want to show them to Dr. Oz!

Jenny McCarthy Bed Wetting As A Child

Jenny said that she used to wet the bed until she was 10 years old.  She said that she believed that The Exorcist is a true story as a child so she slept with her three sisters to protect each other from Satan and getting possessed.  She said that this trauma is what caused her bed wetting while growing up.

Jenny’s mom threatened to start putting diapers back on them if they continued to wet the bed.  So, they secretly would wash the sheets down in the basement.. They were more afraid of Satan that what they were of their mom’s threat to put the kids back into diapers.

Jenny McCarthy’s Use Of Vicodin

Jenny told Dr. Oz (and also talks about this in many of her EIGHT best sellers) about her drug use which included Vicodin, mushrooms, and ecstasy.  She started using Vicodin when she tore ligaments in her back.  She took Vicodin during that time for the pain from the back injury.  Jenny maintains that she was never addicted to Vicodin but the detox from the pills was quite bad.

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