Dr Oz, Joan Rivers Interview, Plastic Surgery & Bulimia Struggles

Dr. Oz Sit Down Interview With Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has been entertaining crowds with her witty humor for generations and on April 2, 2013 she will be sitting down with Dr. Oz to have a candid interview about her decisions to have plastic surgery, as well as her battles with bulimia and depression.  Joan Rivers is 79 years old and and she has always been very open about her plastic surgery treatments of the past and she will be disclosing to Dr. Oz if she has plans for any more cosmetic surgeries in the future.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured :

Joan Rivers Career, Plastic Surgeries and Health Scares – Candid Interview With Dr. Oz

Joan Rivers has been on many television programs and you may remember her on Fashion Police, Joan and Melissa, Hollywood Squares etc…  Joan has always been blunt about who she is as a woman and entertainer so the 4-02-2013 program promises to be entertaining and likely to be full of laughs.  However, Joan will also be talking about more serious subject matters as well. Dr. Oz will be asking questions about Joan’s struggles with bulimia and depression, her husband’s suicide, and a health confession from her daughter Melissa.

Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?  If you are contemplating about having a procedure done be sure to tune in to the April 2 2013 Dr. Oz show.  Joan Rivers will be talking about what kinds of procedures she has had and if she had any plans for more plastic surgeries in her future.  The show promises to be “Joan Rivers Uncensored” so you can be assured that you will be thoroughly entertained.,

Topics to be discussed : Anti-aging, plastic surgery procedures, mental health and wellness

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