Dr Oz, Joan Rivers Number of Plastic Surgeries, Bulimia Battle

Joan Rivers Talks About The Number Of Plastic Surgeries She Has Had & Her Battles With Bulimia

Today Dr. Oz invited the legendary actress / comedian / entertainer on to the show to talk about the number of plastic surgeries she has had and why she continues to have cosmetic procedures done.  She also delves into more serious subjects like her husbands suicide and the effect it has had on her family.  Dr. Oz even talks candidly with Joan Rivers about her very personal battles with Bulimia and how she has overcome many of the obstacles throughout her life.

Learning to Laugh At Yourself

Joan Rivers has never held anything back and this includes laughing at herself.  She said when you can make light of your own insecurities it takes away the power for other people to crack jokes or make a fool of you.  Joan revealed that her biggest insecurities that she has had a problem getting past over the years largely stems form having negative image about her body and growing old.  She said that these insecurities still bother her to this day.

Joan Talks About How Her Husband’s Suicide & Bulimia

Joan Rivers husband Edgar committed suicide and his death was very hard to deal with.  The grieving process became to great and her life became out of control.  Joan was fired from her job at FOX & she felt that food was one of the only things in her life that she felt she had control over.  She said that it may sound odd but she felt better when she was bulimic.  She would throw up her food after she ate but she would also feel full while being thin at the same time.  She told Dr. Oz that she no longer throws up after she eats but during that very difficult period of her life she felt like it was the only thing she had control over.

The Effect That The Suicide Of Her Husband Has Had On Joan Rivers & Her Family

Dr. Oz steered the next topic onto a subject that used to be very difficult for Joan Rivers to talk about.  Her husband’s suicide happened 21 years ago when Joan’s daughter Melissa was only 16 years old.  She said that it upsets her until this day that her daughter was notified of the suicide before Joan was.  She said that her husband’s suicide was especially hard on her daughter.

In a controversial decision Joan and her daughter Melissa decided to do a show about her husband’s suicide.  This brought forth many critics for doing this movie but it also brought forth waves of letters from families because they dealt with such a personal tragedy in an open way.  Many families wrote them letters thanking them because it helped them cope with similar tragic situations.

Joan said one of the hardest things to deal with following her husband’s suicide was the anger that she felt towards him because of the way in which his death devastated her daughter and what he left her to deal with.  She said that humor was one of the only ways she knew how to cope with the loss that she felt.

How Many Plastic Surgeries Has Joan Rivers Had?

It has definitely been no secret that Joan Rivers has had numerous plastic surgeries.  She told Dr. Oz that she had her first procedure performed when she was 32 years old and since her initial procedure she has had 16 additional plastic surgeries performed.  She feels that her plastic surgeries can be beneficial to people because it can raise your confidence and to feel self assured.

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